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Created February 19, 2021 20:35
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Poly RaspberryPi PIO mode
;; Simple Polymode for RaspberryPi Pico PIO files that uses
;; both asm-mode as host-mode and c-mode for pass-through section
(define-hostmode poly-pio-hostmode
:mode 'asm-mode)
(define-auto-innermode poly-pio-c-innermode
:mode 'c-mode
:head-matcher "^% c-sdk {$"
:tail-matcher "^%}$"
:head-mode 'host
:tail-mode 'host)
(define-polymode poly-pio-mode
:hostmode 'poly-pio-hostmode
:innermodes '(poly-pio-c-innermode
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.pio$" . poly-pio-mode))
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