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Created Jan 13, 2017
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# Create a VirtualBox VM from an Ubuntu Cloud Image
# Thanks to
# URL to most recent cloud image of 14.04
# If you want a different version just find the URL from
# Download the img
wget $img_url -O "$img_dist"
# Convert it to raw
qemu-img convert -O raw "${img_dist}" "${img_raw}"
# Create VirtualBox 'vdi' from raw
VBoxManage convertfromraw "$img_raw" "$disk"
rm "${img_raw}"
# Create meta-data file
cat > meta-data <<EOF
local-hostname: localhost
# Create user-data file
cat > user-data <<EOF
password: ubuntu
chpasswd: { expire: False }
ssh_pwauth: True
# Create seed.img to use the above to files to config the new instance on boot
gtruncate --size 100K seed.img
mkisofs -output seed.img -volid cidata -joliet -rock user-data meta-data
qemu-img convert -f raw -O raw seed.img "$seed_iso"
rm user-data meta-data seed.img
# Create the virtual machine
VBoxManage createvm --name "$name" --register
# Set RAM to 2048 MB
VBoxManage modifyvm "$name" --memory 2048
# Set the (dynamic) disk size to 30 GB
VBoxManage modifyhd "$disk" --resize 30720
# Set up NAT and port forwarding for SSH
VBoxManage modifyvm "$name" --nic1 nat --natpf1 "ssh,tcp,,2222,,22"
# Attach HD with disk image
VBoxManage storagectl "$name" --name SATA --add sata
VBoxManage storageattach "$name" --storagectl SATA --device 0 --port 0 --type hdd --medium "$disk"
# Attach ISO with seed.iso
VBoxManage storagectl "$name" --name IDE --add ide
VBoxManage storageattach "$name" --storagectl IDE --port 0 --device 0 --type dvddrive --medium "$seed_iso"
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