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Google Summer of Code 2017: Final Submission Report

GSoC 2017

GSoC 2017 Final Submission Report


This summer I worked on SUSI.AI project which is an open source assistant built by FOSSASIA. My work was to make SUSI.AI client for Hardware Devices like Raspberry Pi to make an Amazon Echo like device with SUSI. It also involved making a SUSI.AI module for the MagicMirror Project: A modular Smart Mirror Platform.

GSoC Project link:

The clients now have the following features.

SUSI.AI Client for Linux

  • Headless interaction on Raspberry Pi and other similar boards.
  • Optional GUI on Desktop Linux. Currently supports Ubuntu and related Linux distributions.
  • Hotword Detection for Hotword 'SUSI'
  • Wake button based input.

SUSI.AI Module for MagicMirror Project

  • Complete Handsfree Interaction with SUSI Assistant on MagicMirror.
  • Support for interactive action types by SUSI Server.
  • Face Recognition based authentication to SUSI.
  • Hotword Detection for Hotword 'SUSI'


SUSI Linux

SUSI MagicMirror Module

My Contributions:

SUSI Linux

SUSI MagicMirror Module

SUSI API Wrapper for Python

Additional Links:

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