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Script to display Time Machine progress messages as Growl notifications
#Just run this script in a terminal window, leaving the window open in the
#background so it can continue to process messages.
IO.popen("syslog -F \'$(Sender): $Message\' -w -k Sender") { |syslogIO|
while (inputString = syslogIO.gets) do
escapedString = inputString.gsub("'", "\\'")
`/usr/local/bin/growlnotify -a 'Time Machine' -m '#{escapedString}'`

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commented May 15, 2012

Brian, I made a change in that reformats the messages a bit with -F, give it a whirl.


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commented Jun 9, 2012

Thanks Chris, I also just added a line to escape single quotes in the message, which was messing up the shell's parsing of the growlnotify command

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