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View Videos.kt
internal class Videos(val items: List<Video>) {
fun toTalkBuilders(): List<Talk.Builder> {
internal class Video(val id: VideoId, private val snippet: Snippet) {
internal fun toTalkBuilder(): Talk.Builder {
val videoId = id.videoId
return Talk.with {
View search.json
"criteria": {
"journeys": [
"departureSpacePortId": "http://localhost:1865/spaceports/ddf86b0b-94e3-3566-8486-fd076b9686a6",
"departureSchedule": "2020-08-18T10:00",
"arrivalSpacePortId": "http://localhost:1865/spaceports/4ed3116c-e359-3245-b8d0-cec742551507"
"departureSpacePortId": "http://localhost:1865/spaceports/4ed3116c-e359-3245-b8d0-cec742551507",
View Search.kt
data class Search(private val id: UUID,
val criteria: Criteria) : RepresentationModel<Search>()
View Search.kt
data class Search(
val id: UUID = randomUUID(),
val criteria: Criteria,
val spaceTrains: SpaceTrains,
val selection: Selection = Selection())
data class SpaceTrain(
val number: String,
val bound: Bound,
val originId: String,
View Recommendation.kt
package org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.infra.resources
import org.springframework.hateoas.Identifiable
import java.util.*
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.Recommendation as DomainRecommendation
import as DomainTalk
class Recommendation(private val id: UUID, val talks: List<Talk>) : Identifiable<UUID> {
override fun getId() = id
View Preferences.kt
package org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.infra.resources
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.preferences.Preferences as DomainPreferences
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.preferences.Topic as DomainTopic
import as DomainTalkFormat
data class Preferences(val topics: List<Topic>, val talksFormats: List<String>) {
fun toDomainObject(): DomainPreferences {
return DomainPreferences(topics.toDomainObjects(), talksFormats.toDomainTalkFormats())
View ProfileController.kt
@RequestMapping(path = ["/profiles"])
class ProfileController(private val createProfile: CreateProfile) {
* simulating an authentication context by passing the userId in a header,
* no need to set up all the security frameworks for this demo, but never do that in production !!!
fun createProfile(@RequestHeader("User-Id") userId: String, @RequestBody preferences: Preferences): ResponseEntity<Profile> {
View RecommendationStepdefs.kt
package org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.stepdefs
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.api.RecommendTalks
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.assertions.that
import org.craftsrecords.talkadvisor.recommendation.criteria.GuestCriteria
import java.time.Duration.ofMinutes
View MockCaveatTest.kt
fun `should retrieve talks`() {
val mockedTalk = mock(
// this resulted Talk Object is invalid, the source of truth is the duration
// but here with mockito we overload the format computation logic
View Talk.kt
class Talk private constructor(id: String,
title: String,
duration: Duration) {
val id = notBlank(id, "Cannot create a Talk is a blank id")!!
val title = notBlank(title, "Cannot create a Talk is a blank title")!!
val duration = notNegative(duration)
val format = TalkFormat.ofDuration(duration)