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An Python re-implementation of hierarchical module import.
Function names and arguments have been chosen to mimic the C code in
`Python/import.c` whenever possible.
This code is intended to be read, not executed. However, it does work
-- all you need to do to enable it is "import knee".
(The name is a pun on the klunkier predecessor of this module, "ni".)
import __builtin__
import imp
import sys
from types import ModuleType
from warnings import warn
def get_parent(globals, level):
parent, name = get_parent(globals, level)
Return the package that an import is being performed in. If globals comes
from the module (not itself a package), this returns the
sys.modules entry for If globals is from a package's,
the package's entry in sys.modules is returned.
If globals doesn't come from a package or a module in a package, or a
corresponding entry is not found in sys.modules, None is returned.
orig_level = level
if not level or not isinstance(globals, dict):
return None, ''
pkgname = globals.get('__package__', None)
if pkgname is not None:
# __package__ is set, so use it
if not hasattr(pkgname, 'rindex'):
raise ValueError('__package__ set to non-string')
if len(pkgname) == 0:
if level > 0:
raise ValueError('Attempted relative import in non-package')
return None, ''
name = pkgname
# __package__ not set, so figure it out and set it
if '__name__' not in globals:
return None, ''
modname = globals['__name__']
if '__path__' in globals:
# __path__ is set, so modname is already the package name
globals['__package__'] = name = modname
# Normal module, so work out the package name if any
lastdot = modname.rfind('.')
if lastdot < 0 and level > 0:
raise ValueError("Attempted relative import in non-package")
if lastdot < 0:
globals['__package__'] = None
return None, ''
globals['__package__'] = name = modname[:lastdot]
dot = len(name)
for x in xrange(level, 1, -1):
dot = name.rindex('.', 0, dot)
except ValueError:
raise ValueError("attempted relative import beyond top-level "
name = name[:dot]
parent = sys.modules[name]
if orig_level < 1:
warn("Parent module '%.200s' not found while handling absolute "
"import" % name)
parent = None
raise SystemError("Parent module '%.200s' not loaded, cannot "
"perform relative import" % name)
# We expect, but can't guarantee, if parent != None, that:
# - parent.__name__ == name
# - parent.__dict__ is globals
# If this is violated... Who cares?
return parent, name
def load_next(mod, altmod, name, buf):
mod, name, buf = load_next(mod, altmod, name, buf)
altmod is either None or same as mod
if len(name) == 0:
# completely empty module name should only happen in
# 'from . import' (or '__import__("")')
return mod, None, buf
dot = name.find('.')
if dot == 0:
raise ValueError('Empty module name')
if dot < 0:
subname = name
next = None
subname = name[:dot]
next = name[dot+1:]
if buf != '':
buf += '.'
buf += subname
result = import_submodule(mod, subname, buf)
if result is None and mod != altmod:
result = import_submodule(altmod, subname, subname)
if result is not None:
buf = subname
if result is None:
raise ImportError("No module named %.200s" % name)
return result, next, buf
def import_submodule(mod, subname, fullname):
"""m = import_submodule(mod, subname, fullname)"""
# Require:
# if mod == None: subname == fullname
# else: mod.__name__ + "." + subname == fullname
if fullname in sys.modules:
m = sys.modules[fullname]
if mod is None:
path = None
elif hasattr(mod, '__path__'):
path = mod.__path__
return None
fp, filename, stuff = imp.find_module(subname, path)
except ImportError:
return None
m = imp.load_module(fullname, fp, filename, stuff)
if fp: fp.close()
add_submodule(mod, m, fullname, subname)
return m
def add_submodule(mod, submod, fullname, subname):
"""mod.{subname} = submod"""
if mod is None:
return #Nothing to do here.
if submod is None:
submod = sys.modules[fullname]
setattr(mod, subname, submod)
def ensure_fromlist(mod, fromlist, buf, recursive):
"""Handle 'from module import a, b, c' imports."""
if not hasattr(mod, '__path__'):
for item in fromlist:
if not hasattr(item, 'rindex'):
raise TypeError("Item in ``from list'' not a string")
if item == '*':
if recursive:
continue # avoid endless recursion
all = mod.__all__
except AttributeError:
ret = ensure_fromlist(mod, all, buf, 1)
if not ret:
return 0
elif not hasattr(mod, item):
import_submodule(mod, item, buf + '.' + item)
def import_module_level(name, globals=None, locals=None, fromlist=None, level=-1):
"""Replacement for __import__()"""
parent, buf = get_parent(globals, level)
head, name, buf = load_next(parent, None if level < 0 else parent, name, buf)
tail = head
while name:
tail, name, buf = load_next(tail, tail, name, buf)
# If tail is None, both get_parent and load_next found
# an empty module name: someone called __import__("") or
# doctored faulty bytecode
if tail is None:
raise ValueError('Empty module name')
if not fromlist:
return head
ensure_fromlist(tail, fromlist, buf, 0)
return tail
modules_reloading = {}
def reload_module(m):
"""Replacement for reload()."""
if not isinstance(m, ModuleType):
raise TypeError("reload() argument must be module")
name = m.__name__
if name not in sys.modules:
raise ImportError("reload(): module %.200s not in sys.modules" % name)
global modules_reloading
return modules_reloading[name]
modules_reloading[name] = m
dot = name.rfind('.')
if dot < 0:
subname = name
path = None
parent = sys.modules[name[:dot]]
except KeyError:
raise ImportError("reload(): parent %.200s not in sys.modules" % name[:dot])
subname = name[dot+1:]
path = getattr(parent, "__path__", None)
fp, filename, stuff = imp.find_module(subname, path)
newm = imp.load_module(name, fp, filename, stuff)
# load_module probably removed name from modules because of
# the error. Put back the original module object.
sys.modules[name] = m
if fp: fp.close()
return newm
# Save the original hooks
original_import = __builtin__.__import__
original_reload = __builtin__.reload
except AttributeError:
original_reload = imp.reload # Python 3
__builtin__.__import__ = import_module_level
__builtin__.reload = reload_module
bfroehle commented Mar 1, 2012

See also importlib -- "An implementation of import" -- which is provided in Python 3.1 and later.

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