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Bitey Magic, an IPython extension
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Bitey related magics.
Bitey and a list of its requirements may be found at
# Copyright (C) 2012, IPython Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.
from __future__ import print_function
import bitey
import imp
import io
import os
import pipes
import subprocess
import sys
import hashlib
except ImportError:
import md5 as hashlib
from IPython.core.magic import Magics, magics_class, cell_magic
class BiteyMagics(Magics):
"""Magics for Bitey, a Bitcode Import Tool"""
def _import_all(self, module):
for k,v in module.__dict__.items():
if not k.startswith('__'):{k:v})
def bitey(self, line, cell):
"""Compile C code into LLVM bitcode and import using bitey.
Usage, in cell mode::
%%bitey <compiler flags>
<C code>
The compiler flags are passed verbatim to `clang` so they may be
used to control warnings (`-Wall`), add optimizations (`-O2`), and
modify features (`-fno-builtin`).
Bitey may also be used to compile C++ code if the functions are
defined with C linkage (`extern "C"`) and `-x c++` is added to the
compiler flags.
code = cell if cell.endswith('\n') else cell+'\n'
lib_dir = os.path.join(, 'bitey')
key = line, code, sys.version_info, sys.executable
if not os.path.exists(lib_dir):
module_name = "_bitey_magic_" + \
c_name = module_name+'.c'
o_name = module_name+'.o'
c_path = os.path.join(lib_dir, c_name)
o_path = os.path.join(lib_dir, o_name)
if not os.path.exists(c_path):
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
if not os.path.exists(o_path):
startupinfo = None
if == 'nt':
# Avoid a console window in Microsoft Windows.
startupinfo = subprocess.STARTUPINFO()
startupinfo.dwFlags |= subprocess.STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW
subprocess.check_output(['clang', '-c', '-emit-llvm'] +
line.split() + [c_name],
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
print(e.output, file=sys.stderr)
print("ERROR: command `%s` failed." %
' '.join(map(pipes.quote, e.cmd)),
with, 'rb') as f:
bitcode =
module = bitey.loader.build_module(module_name, bitcode)
sys.modules[module_name] = module
_loaded = False
def load_ipython_extension(ip):
"""Load the extension in IPython."""
global _loaded
if not _loaded:
_loaded = True
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