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Make the fix so that kde shows chrome app icons, like in Loops through desktop files in ~/Desktop.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
from shutil import copyfile
home_dir = os.getenv('HOME') # only works on Linux
desktop_dir = os.path.join(home_dir, 'Desktop')
chrome_based_browsers = ['brave', 'chrome', 'chromium', 'vivaldi']
def get_wm_class(desktop_file_contents):
wm_class = next(filter(lambda s: 'StartupWMClass' in s, desktop_file_contents))\
.split('=')[-1].replace('\n', '')
return wm_class
def make_new_exec_line(desktop_file_contents, wm_class):
el = next(filter(lambda s: 'Exec=' in s, desktop_file_contents))
exec_line = el.replace('\n', '')
xdo_append = f' && xdotool search --sync --classname {wm_class} set_window --class {wm_class}\n'
return exec_line + xdo_append, desktop_file_contents.index(el)
def check_if_xdotool_written(desktop_file_contents):
return any(filter(lambda s: 'xdotool' in s, desktop_file_contents))
for f in os.listdir(desktop_dir):
if not any([(browser in f) for browser in chrome_based_browsers]):
desktop_file = os.path.join(desktop_dir, f)
desktop_file_contents = open(desktop_file, 'r').readlines()
if check_if_xdotool_written(desktop_file_contents):
print('skipping because xdotool is already written to', desktop_file)
wm_class = get_wm_class(desktop_file_contents)
new_exec_line, idx = make_new_exec_line(desktop_file_contents, wm_class)
desktop_file_contents[idx] = new_exec_line
with open(desktop_file, 'w') as nf:
print('written new xdotool line')
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