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@bgola bgola/
Created Feb 21, 2014

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from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT
from functools import partial
import re, datetime, random
ansi_escape = re.compile(r'\x1b[^m]*m')
p = Popen(['telegram'], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT)
print "starting..."
line = ""
title = ""
def wrt(m):
p.stdin.write("msg " + title.replace(" ", "_") + " " + m + "\n")
enquete = {}
while True:
if "changed title" in line:
title = line.split("changed title to ")[-1].strip()
title = ansi_escape.sub("", title)
elif line.startswith("Chat "):
title = ":".join(line.split("Chat ")[1].split(":")[:-1])
title = ansi_escape.sub("", title)
elif title in line and ">>>" in line:
msg = line.split(">>> ")[-1]
if msg.startswith("qotd"):
wrt("%s" % Popen(["fortune"], stdout=PIPE)"\n", " "))
elif msg.startswith("hora certa do pupi") or msg.startswith("pupi ta chegando?"):
wrt(random.choice(["atrasado ...", "chegando..", "quase la..", "hm...", "que horas sao?"]))
elif msg.startswith("hora certa"):
line = p.stdout.readline()
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