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Track all observable subscriptions

Exmaple usage:

  • Add this piece of code in your angular application's main.ts, above the bootstrap call
  • Execute subscriptions.clear() in the console, because a lot of subscriptions are created at bootstrap time
  • Trigger the actions you want to investigate
  • Copy the subscriptions map to prevent changes while you're investigating
  • Investigate
import {Observable, Subscription} from 'rxjs';
declare const subscriptions: Map<Observable<any>, Subscription[]>;
(window as any).subscriptions = new Map<Observable<any>, Subscription[]>();
Observable.prototype.subscribe = (function (_super) {
return function(this: Observable<any>, ...args: any[]) {
const subscription = _super.apply(this, args)
const list = subscriptions.get(this);
if (list != null) {
} else {
subscriptions.set(this, [subscription]);
return subscription;
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