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Second IUC codefest summary

The Intergalactic Utilities Commission was organising it's second codefest with the aim to improve metagenomic research in Galaxy.

The IUC was available for two days in a Hangout to answers questions and to work together with the Galaxy community to enhance our tools and the overall Galaxy ecosystem. 22 scientists from all over the world participated in this and made it a fantastic experience and a success story, which the IUC would like to repeat more often.

  • Bérénice Batut (CIDAM Université Auvergne)
  • Laura Leroi (Ifremer)
  • Renaud Jullien (France génomique)
  • Sandrine Perrin (IFB-core)
  • Cyril Monjeaud (INRIA)
  • Anthony Bretaudeau (INRA)
  • Sébastien Letort (CNRS)
  • Coline Thomas (INRA)
  • Alexis Dufresne (CNRS)
  • Nathan Vannier (CNRS)
  • François Moreews (INRA)
  • Thomas Derrien (CNRS)
  • Yvan Le Bras (INRIA)
  • Lance Parsons (Princeton University)
  • Oksana Korol - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Iyad Kandalaft - AAFC MBB
  • Björn Grüning (University of Freiburg)
  • Daniel Blankenberg (Penn State University)
  • Martin Čech (Penn State University)
  • John Chilton (Penn State University)
  • Anton Nekrutenko (Penn State University)
  • Jim Johnson (University of Minnesota)

The first time we created a Galaxy Codefest Map to give you an impression where all our hackers are located. So if you have questions drop by :)

The French Galaxy community has taken the opportunity to gather together and participate with slides and planemo instructions. There were rumors that a lot of wine played a crucial role in the productivity boost that yielded to these nice slides and summary from our French friends.

If you want to know how much fun we had, have a look at this song that was created during the hackthon from the French Galaxy hackers:

We organised ourself into four teams, the Mothur team, the Qiime team, the Vegan team and the FROGS team and documented our progress with the following github issues:

The work in progress Mothur & Qiime wrappers can be found here and help is welcome to finish the last pieces!

The work on FROGS is in progress and the dockerisation / toolshedization can be found here:

In the following a list of contributions:


We hope you all will enjoy the outcome of this Codefest and hope to see you at our next Codefest, stay tuned.

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