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Things to discuss during our RBC meeting in Freiburg

This will be a list of things we would like to discuss during the our meeting. Please feel encuraged to submit technical, but also general topics:

  1. did people already think about security in systems like Conda/Bioconda? Currently, it seems like some evil attacker could easily slip in some compromised software by "updating" a package (which could then be automatically installed on HPC systems with all possible consequences...). It would be cool to have some ring of trust like mechanism with signed packages. In principle most ingredients should be there already; this could be mostly about making a reasonable proposal to the bioconda people. (Sebastian)

  2. thinking more about our RNA-Seq QC SOPs, we got the impression that ideally we should --sooner than later-- get the community involved in extending and adapting such SOPs. This has at least two major aspects: how to initiate this and how to make this accessible to biologists (which calls for something less technical than documents on Github, whereas Wikis or Google docs etc may be too unstructured.) (Sebastian)

  3. Visibility and accessibility of training material. From Sebastian .... Still, IMO it would be worth to discuss how to e.g. optimize the visibility of the material (e.g. more prominent links from some official RBC site etc....) and ideally the accessibility for non-techies to make it easier for biologists to contribute.

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