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# minutes of discussion: local user groups: problems and success stories.
@ Delhi: Satya
- regular meetups happening since past few months.
- format: 1 workshop 1 talk in 6 hrs every alternate saturday.
- summer school events:
- problems:
- no central location
- unreliable turnouts.
# Bangalore: Sivaa
- the difference b/w the number of people who say and those who turn up.
- code dojo - happens in london - nicholas
- keeping people engaged.
- different levels of content.
- beginner workshops
- full day workshops.
- carried for couple of months
- different people talking about same topic.
- lot of events
- keep it interesting.
- getting speakers: giving back to the community.
# Ram, FSM Pondicherry.
- created small team to solve problems
- platform to show your skill.
- community hackerspace
- eg: harwdware weather station, by open hardware movement.
# Pune Community
- difficulty to invite people to come and talk.
- on an average 30 people show up for meetups / devsprints.
- Kushal: too lazy to get out of his house [distance]
- Sivaa: B'lore weather, clashing meetups, distance are factors.
- try to organize the meetups at a central location.
- weird complains from misdirected [google maps] attendees
- Chennai
- good location: Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
- Vyjay Kumar and Shreyas:
- announce ahead of time.
- format: two talks, separated by spnsored tea break.
- talks are recorded and shared online.
- no basic talks.
- location, infrastructure, parking facility, support from prof.
- do students come to talks? -> data not available.
- Sivaa: asking the hosting companies to talk about themselves for 15mins.
- Shakti: large cities can do meetups at variable locations: round robin.
@Kushal: experiences with DGPLUG.
- virtual meetups, IRC channels.
- online summer course, 3 months, become upstream contributers.
- start at a basic level: how to communicate.
- move to programming: solve daily life issues.
- community has matured: international participants.
- face2face meet is at pyconindia, but multiple virtual meetups.
- ecosystem has builtup: job opportunities, meet developers.
- community first, work on upstream projects.
@Kiran: ChennaiPy.
- people are more comfortable asking questions on meetups instead of ML.
- workshops before meetups.
- occaisonal mails to people regular attendees
- connecting people, to their interests and personalities.
# Startup concerns:
- request for sessions on: MVP with python instead of intro to Django.
# Nagpur: <name>?
- Nagpur techies.
- surge on groups.
- same people come to all meetups.
- permanent location, small city, no travel concens.
- still rsvps don't reflect actual tunouts.
# [Question] Why can't we
- live streams
- not in India
- podcasts:
- upload to soundcloud.
- video recording.
- difficult to process them and upload them.
- @Kushal: processing backlog makes it unfeasible.
Gender Ratio
- >50% regular women attendees.
- active members are from colleges.
- Tech conversion is difficult.
- larger ratio of women developers are working with .net.
Kuhal, pitching are about pyladies.
- open groups
- not limited to females.
- request to help them out.
- djangogirls is another one picking up.
Summary [Satya]:
- sense of urgency is important, but its not the end.
- same faces reappear.
- continue doing things.
- we don't have solutios: but the resources and energy.
- fence-sitters come down when things start happening.
- no silver bullet, local problems need different solutions.
- upstream contribution is important.
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