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What would you like to do?
- Aniket:
- great initiative.
- been to many colleges, helped people out.
- earlier it was in Anand's repo.
- unaccepted pull requests.
- Anuvrat:
- get content standardized, a guideline for instructors to follow.
- Branding is very important, a statement for approaching institutes.
- lets make it more focussed.
- geographically distributed efforts.
- We as a community need to decide on how we shape the different teams for
different types of work
- Main problem is finding the motivation to do the actual work.
- Maybe we are too young to take it up.
- Knowledge is what is important.
- Instead of teaching them how to use Django, teach them how to build Django
- Have different workshops for different topics for engagement.
- Is it the right space to discuss individual problem.
- Agenda 1:
Chillar Anand:
- Teaching basics is not enough.
- Maybe take up engineering problems and use them as examples.
- Make it more industry oriented.
- Make sure that the skills they learn are employable.
- Make a lot of examples to keep students interested.
- Brings a lot of interest in students.
- Plant the seed
Ashutosh(Greter noida):
- No one knows about python.
- After the basics were covered, the second level is not taken up by a very
few people.
- Most of them ask for certificates.
- Agrees with Satya -> Need more industry oriented approach.
- Ride the wave.
- Might not know shit about programming
Randomo guy 1:
- People think free workshops are not worth it
Random girl 1:
- Conducted workshop for beginners.
- But when teaching basics, they are not satisfied with what they learn.
- 1 day workshop for 3rd year college students.
- Use python's http.server -> build an intereactive application.
Random guy2:
- Another way for engagement -> make it directly relevant to them
- Example matlab vs python.
- We could aim to cater towards such example.
Jaysinh Shukla
- colleges are not interested.
- lets target teachers.
- get more volunteers.
- online calls maybe would be better.
Anshul Sharma, JMI
- anuvrat conducted a workshop, interested people competed in GSoC
- professors eventually got interested.
- -> get students interested and encourage them to participate in competitions.
- make things predictable.
- have regularity.
- get some success stories.
- show case personalities.
- vijay: it should become a profile in itself.
- saurabh: gamification.
- student feedback should be designed in the software.
- missing infrastructure
- use a python distribution like anaconda
- use python tutor for demonstrating basic concepts.
- lets create it a wiki with all these details.
- what can you do without internet?
# branding
- let the presenter choose the brand they want to promote.
- its a double edged sword.
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