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Titanium SDK 3.5.1 Release Notess

Titanium SDK 3.5.1 General Availability - 06 March 2015


About This Release

Titanium SDK Release 3.5.1 is a service pack release of the Titanium SDK, addressing high-priority issues in previous releases.

Notable fixed issues include support for Node 0.12.x.

This Release also conincides with the release of Appcelerator Studio 3.4.2 and Titanium CLI 3.4.2. There are no updates to Alloy or Titanium Studio; continue to use the latest stable releases: Alloy 1.5.1 and Titanium Studio 3.4.1.

Studio 3.4.2

This Release coincides with the release of Appcelerator Studio 3.4.2, which includes a new version of LiveView to support Node 0.12.x (TIMOB-18546).

Note that there is not a new version of Titanium Studio. Continue to use Titanium Studio 3.4.1.

See the Studio Release Notes.

Titanium CLI 3.4.2

This Release coincides with the release of Titanium CLI 3.4.2, which includes a fix to support Node 0.12.x (TIMOB-18538).

See the CLI Changelog.

Fixed Issues

  • TIMOB-16946 iOS: SDK should have 0 static analyzer errors (it currently has 77)
  • TIMOB-18333 iOS: Debugger creates unnecessary call-frames in debug view
  • TIMOB-18369 iOS: Stepping over does not work if breakpoints are in the file that is included in app.js
  • TIMOB-18378 iOS: Option Dialog Caret Present on iPad
  • TIMOB-18379 iOS: Option Dialog iPad no longer fires click when clicked outside
  • TIMOB-18380 Regression: Programmatically hiding a PopOver showing a ListView with a SearchBar that has focus results in crash
  • TIMOB-18401 Module using Google Maps SDK works fine when run with 3.4.1.GA crashes with 3.5.0.GA
  • TIMOB-18414 CLI: Set Node 0.10 as minimum supported version
  • TIMOB-18432 Add support for BOOL type
  • TIMOB-18538 CLI: Fix incompatibilities with Node 0.12
  • TIMOB-18546 LiveView: Incompatible with Node 0.12
  • TIMOB-18611 CLI: Copyright date is not correct; it should be 2015 not 2014
  • TIMOB-18628 Update the node version in vendorDependencies in the package.json
  • TIMOB-18629 CLI: Warn if using an unsupported Node version
  • TIMOB-18632 CLI: Node 0.12: If the CLI is updated to 3.4.2 before the SDK is updated then you can't install the new SDK
  • TIMOB-18635 Android: Android SDK tools 24.1.2 is listed as not supported

Known Issues

LiveView Fails with Android Emulator

Building to the Android Emulator with LiveView enabled fails (TIMOB-18600).

To workaround this issue, disable LiveView by either:

  • Running liveview rm clihook from a terminal
  • Editing your ~/.titanium/config.json file and remove the com.appcelerator.titanium.liveview entry from the hooks section to disable LiveView

Please note that restarting Appcelerator Studio will re-add the hook.

API Changes

No APIs were modified for this release.

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