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Last active Jan 28, 2021
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Helpful patterns when developing with ClojureScript Figwheel and Express js
(ns todo-server.core
[cljs.nodejs :as nodejs]
[figwheel.client :as fw]))
(defonce express (nodejs/require "express"))
(defonce serve-static (nodejs/require "serve-static"))
(defonce http (nodejs/require "http"))
;; app gets redefined on reload
(def app (express))
;; routes get redefined on each reload
(. app (get "/hello"
(fn [req res] (. res (send "Hello world")))))
(. app (use (serve-static "resources/public" #js {:index "index.html"})))
(def -main
(fn []
;; This is the secret sauce. you want to capture a reference to
;; the app function (don't use it directly) this allows it to be redefined on each reload
;; this allows you to change routes and have them hot loaded as you
;; code.
(doto (.createServer http #(app %1 %2))
(.listen 3000))))
(set! *main-cli-fn* -main)
(fw/start { })

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@JimLynchCodes JimLynchCodes commented Oct 16, 2017

Nice! this is probably a very n00b question, but how to you add javascript dependencies to a clojurescript project (with or without leiningen)?


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@luskwater luskwater commented Oct 26, 2017

@jimtheman I've used figwheel-node, and added them to package.json, but you can also add them to project.clj in the compiler options (though that's been more experimental so far [experimental for me, that is; also, I'm a Leiningen user...):

 {:main explore-resolve.core
  :asset-path "target/js/compiled/dev"
  :output-to "target/js/compiled/explore_resolve.js"
  :output-dir "target/js/compiled/dev"
  :target :nodejs
  {:config "^1.27.0"
   :express "^4.16.2"
   :serve-static "^1.13.1"}
  :install-deps true
  :optimizations :none
  :source-map-timestamp true}

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@theronic theronic commented Oct 4, 2019

Thanks for this. How would you unit test against a defined route without running a server?

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