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Leetcode #46: Permutations
class Solution {
vector<vector<int>> answer;
vector<int> numbers;
void recurse(vector<int> path) {
if (path.size() == numbers.size()) { // all numbers are added.
answer.push_back(path); // add current permutation into answer.
for (int i=0; i<numbers.size(); i++) { // for each possibility.
if (find(path.begin(), path.end(), numbers[i]) != path.end()) {
// Adding same number twice would make the permutation
// invalid, so skip this number from consideration.
path.push_back(numbers[i]); // consider this possibility.
recurse(path); // recursively solve.
path.pop_back(); // undo the considered possibility.
vector<vector<int>> permute(vector<int>& nums) {
numbers = nums;
vector<int> path; // to keep track of considered numbers
// and their order. Initially empty.
return answer;
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