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bhawnam193 / composer and yii 2 installation
Created Sep 12, 2019
What is composer and yii 2 installation
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php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you.
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Have you ever wanted to get a specific data from another website but there's no API available for it? That's where Web Scraping comes in, if the data is not made available by the website we can just scrape it from the website itself.

But before we dive in let us first define what web scraping is. According to Wikipedia:

{% blockquote %} Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction) is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites. Usually, such software programs simulate human exploration of the World Wide Web by either implementing low-level Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or embedding a fully-fledged web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. {% endblockquote %}

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Where to write loadController code . its mentioned controller bar in right where is it