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Ben Brinckerhoff bhb

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bhb / tempids.clj
Created May 13, 2019
Dependent effects with tempids
View tempids.clj
[{:op :create-company
:name "Foobar Company"
:id "tempid/company"}
{:op :create-employee
:name "Alice"
:company_id "tempid/company"
:id "tempid/user1"}
{:op :create-employee
:name "Bob"
:company_id "tempid/company"
View gist:d2fd7413a5d68f404b871526c58b4bc3
Run this to launch REPL
rlwrap clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:deps {speculative {:mvn/version "0.0.3"} expound {:mvn/version "0.7.2"} org.clojure/test.check {:mvn/version "0.9.0"} org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "1.10.520"}}}' -e "(require '[expound.alpha :as expound] '[cljs.core.specs.alpha]) (set! clojure.spec.alpha/*explain-out* (expound/custom-printer {:print-specs? false :show-valid-values? true :theme :figwheel-theme}))" -m cljs.main -re node
Then run this in REPL
(require '[expound.alpha :as expound] '[cljs.core.specs.alpha] '[speculative.instrument :as i]) (i/instrument) (set! cljs.spec.alpha/*explain-out* (expound/custom-printer {:print-specs? false :show-valid-values? true :theme :figwheel-theme}))
bhb / cljs_1_10_339.cljs
Created Feb 9, 2019
Custom explain-out with different versions of CLJS
View cljs_1_10_339.cljs
;; Note this uses clojure 1.9, not 1.10 like other examples
;; clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/test.check {:mvn/version "0.9.0"} org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.9.0"} org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "1.10.339"}}}' --main cljs.main --repl
in cljs.main --repl
(require '[cljs.spec.alpha :as s])
(require '[cljs.spec.test.alpha :as st])
(require '[clojure.core.specs.alpha])
;; instrumenting a function
(s/fdef foobar :args (s/cat :x int?))
bhb / ex.clj
Last active Nov 25, 2018
Replacing default spec printer for experimentation
View ex.clj
;; launch with
;; clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/test.check {:mvn/version "0.9.0"} org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.0-beta8"}}}'
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
(require '[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as st])
;; instrumenting a function
(s/fdef foobar :args (s/cat :x int?))
(defn foobar [x] x)
bhb / init.cljs
Last active Nov 7, 2018 — forked from borkdude/init.cljs
Speculative + Expound in Klipse
View init.cljs
(require '[cljs.spec.alpha :as s])
(require '[cljs.spec.test.alpha :as stest])
(require '[expound.alpha :as expound])
(require '[speculative.core])
(set! s/*explain-out* (expound/custom-printer {:show-valid-values? true}))
(stest/instrument `map)
(map 'lol 'lol)
(catch :default e
(println (.-message e))))
bhb / ex.txt
Created Sep 29, 2018
Interpreting `:in` paths in `clojure.spec`
View ex.txt
> clj -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.0-alpha8"}}}'
Clojure 1.10.0-alpha8
user=> (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
user=> ;; `explain-data` returns a description of the problem, including the `:in` path
user=> ;; which is the location of the invalid data within the context of the larger
user=> ;; data structure
user=> (-> (s/explain-data (s/coll-of int?) [1 "2"]) ::s/problems first)
{:path [], :pred int?, :val "2", :via [], :in [1]}
user=> (-> (s/explain-data (s/coll-of int?) [1 "2"]) ::s/problems first :in)
bhb / repl.txt
Created Sep 25, 2018
Confusing behavior from `keys*`
View repl.txt
➜ ~ rlwrap clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/spec.alpha {:mvn/version "0.2.176"}}}'
Clojure 1.9.0
user=> (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
user=> (s/def ::point1 (s/cat :x int? :y int?))
user=> (s/def ::x int?)
user=> (s/def ::y int?)
bhb / simple_coerce.clj
Last active Sep 21, 2018
A naive implementation of opt-in coercion.
View simple_coerce.clj
;; Code is largely copied from
;; with minor modifications!
(ns example.coercion
(:require [clojure.walk :as walk]
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]))
(defonce ^:private registry-ref (atom {}))
;; WARNING - only works if all unqualified kw are unique!!!!
bhb / repl.txt
Created Sep 21, 2018
Records vs spec for domain modelling - start with `clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:deps {expound {:mvn/version "0.7.1"}}}'`
View repl.txt
Clojure 1.9.0
user=> (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
user=> (require '[expound.alpha :as expound])
user=> (set! s/*explain-out* (expound/custom-printer {:theme :figwheel-theme :print-specs? false}))
#object[expound.alpha$custom_printer$fn__897 0x534243e4 "expound.alpha$custom_printer$fn__897@534243e4"]
user=> (s/check-asserts true)
user=> (defrecord Person [first-name last-name])
bhb / repro.clj
Created Sep 7, 2018
Changing s/*explain-out* to control spec errors during macro-expansion
View repro.clj
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
(set! s/*explain-out* (fn [ed] (println "failed")))
(let [x] 1)
;; with org.clojure/spec.alpha {:mvn/version "0.2.168"} :
;; CompilerException clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Call to clojure.core/let did not conform to spec:
;; failed
;; #:clojure.spec.alpha{:problems [{:path [:args :bindings :init-expr], :reason "Insufficient input", :pred clojure.core/any?, :val (), :via [:clojure.core.specs.alpha/bindings :clojure.core.specs.alpha/bindings], :in [0]}], :spec #object[clojure.spec.alpha$regex_spec_impl$reify__2499 0x749c877b "clojure.spec.alpha$regex_spec_impl$reify__2499@749c877b"], :value ([x] 1), :args ([x] 1)}, compiling:(NO_SOURCE_PATH:3:1)
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