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Setting Up Hashicorp Vault with an intermediate CA based on
#!/bin/bash -e
# Setup a Root CA in vault
# Generate and sign an Intermediate cert
# Requires:
# * A running vault server already initialzed and unsealed
# * Environment variable VAULT_TOKEN is set
# * vault cli (
# * httpie (
# * jq (
# Note: we use httpie + jq because vault write commands aren't able to return
# formatted json for parsing
# Mount a PKI backend for the root Certificate authority
echo "Creating root CA"
vault mount -path=root_ca pki
# Set the max TTL for the root CA to 10 years
echo "Tuning root CA"
vault mount-tune -max-lease-ttl="87600h" root_ca
# Generate the root CA keypair, the key is stored internally to vault
echo "Generating root CA cert"
vault write root_ca/root/generate/internal common_name="Acme Inc. Root CA" ttl="87600h"
# TODO: setup CRL and OCSP urls
# Mount the intermediate CA for the zone
echo "Creating intermediate CA"
vault mount -path=intermediate_acme_com pki
# Set the max TTL for certs to 1 year
echo "Tuning intermediate CA"
vault mount-tune -max-lease-ttl=8760h intermediate_acme_com
# Generate CSR for to be signed by the root CA, the key is stored
# internally to vault
echo "Generating intermediate CSR"
http POST X-Vault-Token:$VAULT_TOKEN | jq -r .data.csr > acme_com.csr
# Generate and sign the certificate as an intermediate CA
echo "Get intermediate cert"
http POST X-Vault-Token:$VAULT_TOKEN ttl="8760h" csr=@acme_com.csr | jq -r .data.certificate > acme_com.crt
# Add signed certificate to intermediate CA backend
echo "Add intermediate cert"
vault write intermediate_acme_com/intermediate/set-signed certificate=@acme_com.crt
# Create role for issuing certificates
# Max least time is 14 days
echo "Create a role for subdomain certs"
vault write intermediate_acme_com/roles/acme_com allowed_domains="" lease_max="336h" allow_subdomains=true
# Issue a cert for an subdomain valid for 1 week
echo "Issue a subdomain cert"
http POST X-Vault-Token:$VAULT_TOKEN common_name="" ttl="168h" | jq -r .data.private_key,.data.certificate,.data.issuing_ca > foo_acme_com.crt
echo "Intermediate CA cert:"
openssl x509 -in acme_com.crt -noout -subject -issuer
echo "Subdomain Cert:"
openssl x509 -in foo_acme_com.crt -noout -subject -issuer
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bhouse commented May 7, 2016

For pulling down and updating client key/cert:

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