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Created February 22, 2017 15:15
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alias ga 'git add'
alias gaa 'git add .'
alias gaaa 'git add -A'
alias gb 'git branch'
alias gbd 'git branch -d '
alias gc 'git commit'
alias gcm 'git commit -m'
alias gco 'git checkout'
alias gcob 'git checkout -b'
alias gcom 'git checkout master'
alias gd 'git diff'
alias gda 'git diff HEAD'
alias gi 'git init'
alias gl 'git log'
alias glg 'git log --graph --oneline --decorate --all'
alias gld 'git log --pretty=format:"%h %ad %s" --date=short --all'
alias gmf 'git merge --no-ff'
alias gp 'git pull'
alias gss 'git status -s'
alias gst 'git stash'
alias gstl 'git stash list'
alias gstp 'git stash pop'
alias gstd 'git stash drop'
alias ga 'git add'
alias gd 'git diff'
alias gs 'git status .'
alias g1 'git log --oneline'
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