Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am bigfleet on github.
  • I am bigfleet ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDxzoSKHC6A3VSVcOWqzPNEm6buMLiMADWASiE00oEpqgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View console.log
cfc/ansible-101/provisioning ☣> bin/discourse
SSH password:
PLAY [localhost] ***************************************************************
TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
ok: [localhost]
TASK [include] *****************************************************************
included: /Users/bigfleet/cfc/ansible-101/roles/discourse/tasks/provision-azure.yml for localhost
View ssmtp.conf
# /etc/ssmtp.conf -- a config file for sSMTP sendmail.
# See the ssmtp.conf(5) man page for a more verbose explanation of the
# available options.
# The person who gets all mail for userids < 1000
# Make this empty to disable rewriting.
View tulsa.rb
Publisher.create! do |pub|
pub.title = "Fire Dispatches"
pub.endpoint = "" = true
pub.visible = false = "Tulsa"
pub.icon = "fire-calls.png"
pub.state = "OK"
pub.description = "Recent Tulsa Fire Department Dispatches."
pub.tags = ["tulsa"]
View example.rb
Publisher.create! do |pub|
pub.title = "Tree Plantings"
pub.endpoint = "" = false
pub.visible = false = "Tulsa"
pub.icon = "leaf-collection.png"
pub.state = "OK"
pub.description = "List of trees planted along SF streets by Department of Public Works."
pub.tags = ["tulsa"]
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src/GBE/master > vagrant ssh
Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic x86_64)
* Documentation:
New release '14.04.3 LTS' available.
Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.
Welcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine.
Last login: Fri Sep 14 06:23:18 2012 from
View command.log
jvanfleet@ip-10-4-2-118:~/bamboo/data/xml-data/build-dir/TT-RSPEC-JOB1 $ jruby -S bundle exec rake spec
/home/jvanfleet/.rbenv/versions/jruby-1.7.19/bin/jruby -I/home/jvanfleet/.rbenv/versions/jruby-1.7.19/lib/ruby/gems/shared/gems/rspec-core-3.2.1/lib:/home/jvanfleet/.rbenv/versions/jruby-1.7.19/lib/ruby/gems/shared/gems/rspec-support-3.2.2/lib /home/jvanfleet/.rbenv/versions/jruby-1.7.19/lib/ruby/gems/shared/gems/rspec-core-3.2.1/exe/rspec --pattern spec/\*\*\{,/\*/\*\*\}/\*_spec.rb
/home/jvanfleet/.rbenv/versions/jruby-1.7.19/lib/ruby/gems/shared/gems/simplecov-0.9.2/lib/simplecov.rb:31 warning: tracing (e.g. set_trace_func) will not capture all events without --debug flag
I, [2015-05-22T13:52:38.821000 #4094] INFO -- : Not reporting to Code Climate because ENV['CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN'] is not set.


  • What is it? What makes it special?
  • The Heroku toolbelt
  • The 12 factor gem
  • Adding an add-on
View .env
# Add literally these into env.example, to help newbies that follow you on this app.
# Put the real values into .env
View gist:11b3b297d79a7ddcb9f8
def login(user=nil)
u = user || create(:user)
visit new_user_session_path
within("#new_user") do
fill_in 'Email', :with =>
fill_in 'Password', :with => '12345678'
click_button 'Log in'