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Last active Aug 21, 2017
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IRC rules

Da Rulez


These are the official channel rules for ##nuthouse2017 on freenode and #NutHouse on Rizon.


  1. Please no spamming or flooding
  2. Nothing racist or offensive (Well, you can be somewhat offensive, just not too much :P )
  3. If you want to paste more than 2 lines, please ask an operator, then we'll probably set a quiet on everyone else so they don't interrupt.
  4. Please don't spam bot commands
  5. Remember that we reserver the right to kick, ban, remove, quiet or anything w/o a reason.
  6. If you are banned, you will probably be unbanned in a day to a week or so*
  7. uh... have fun!

*This rule applies when I get the time-ban thing working on my bot :P

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