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Created September 24, 2018 07:54
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BUGFIX: Datepicker CSS included


MODIFICATION: Minimal style adjustments and GS 3.4-Alpha adaptations
BUGFIX: in combination with IM Extra Fields usage


BUGFIX: Issue when rekursive selectig SimpleItem objects.

NEW: An ItemMapper method for selecting single SimpleItem objects: ItemMapper::getSimpleItem((string|int) selector, (array) items (optional))


NEW: Item Allocator class - makes easy and quickly work with a huge number of items (1000 >). Also, it simplifies the use of item object, as only the "light-weigth" objects will be loaded into the memory, therefore overhead will be significant reduced. Usage example

NOTE: You can deactivate this function at any time via the $this->useAllocater = false in /plugins/imanager/lib/inc/config.php file.

NEW: FieldFilepicker - File picker field has been implemented, which makes it possible, using the functions of i18n_customfields plugin, the use of GetSimple native images and files from uploads directory - at this point many thanks to tomot for his help!

NOTE: This field is enabled only if "i18n_customfields" plugin is in the GS /plugins/ directory (no installation is necessary).

MODIFICATION: CSS changes - Minimal style changes of pagination and field width.

MODIFICATION: FieldImageupload - Is deprecated and was replaced with newer FieldFileupload field. For compatibility reasons, the FieldImageupload's are still supported, though no longer available when selecting the fields in back-end.

BUGFIX: FieldDatepicker - When selecting the date, when the date format was not specified.

BUGFIX: FieldDatepicker - When you are use several date picker fields (thanks to tomot).

BUGFIX: Check reserved field names when you save category fields.

BUGFIX: Message Reporter - Multiple messages rendering.

BUGFIX: Setup - The date format issue (thanks to morvy for reporting this bug).

BUGFIX: Template Engine - fixed some minor bugs.

BUGFIX: FontAwesome - Restrict include to back-end (thanks to morvy).


BUGFIX: Chunk field bug is fixed NEW: findItem function -Allows search for items without knowing the category


Offers new features, that simplify the usage the plugin in combination with GetSimple native pages See IM Extra Fields plugin:


Slightly API modifications have been made in order to ease the use even for non-programming developers.
More infos:


BUGFIX: Small cache bug fixed NEW: Expire cache method, can be used to automatically hooked to every $item->save() call
NEW: Simple method to count the number of items, can be used to limiting files on the disk


BUGFIX: Category order in admin
NEW: MarkupSectionCache
NEW: Category Joins


BUGFIX: upload file order
BUGFIX: category listing markup
NEW: Field title for uploaded images
NEW: Field money
NEW: Field datepicker

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