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bigjason /
Created Apr 23, 2019
Partial function application supporting any arg order (WIP)
_sentinal = object()
class Placeholder(DataClassEnrichment):
keyword: Optional[str] = None
default: Optional[Any] = _sentinal
annotation: Type = Any
def type_repr_of(self, obj):
"""Return the repr() of an object, special-casing types (internal helper).
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implicit class EitherTCompanionExt(wrapper: scalaz.EitherT.type) {
class PinnedEitherT[F[_]] {
def apply[A,B](a: Future[A \/ B]): scalaz.EitherT[Future, A, B] = scalaz.EitherT[Future, A, B](a)
@inline def eitherTPinned[F[_]] = new PinnedEitherT[F]
@inline def eitherTFuture[A, B](a: Future[A \/ B]): scalaz.EitherT[Future, A, B] = eitherTPinned[Future](a)
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package object {
implicit def nelFormat[A](implicit format: Format[A]): Format[scalaz.NonEmptyList[A]] = new Format[scalaz.NonEmptyList[A]] {
import scalaz._, Scalaz._
override def writes(o: NonEmptyList[A]) = JsArray(
override def reads(json: JsValue) = Json.fromJson[List[A]](json) match {
case JsSuccess(Nil, _) => JsError("empty list not valid")
case JsSuccess(head :: rest, _) => JsSuccess(NonEmptyList.nel(head, rest))
case JsError(errors) => JsError(errors)
bigjason / RicherTry.scala
Last active Mar 31, 2016
How the hell is `scala.util.Try` missing a `zip` function?
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This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
implicit class RicherTry[+T](wrapped: Try[T]) {
def zip[That](that: => Try[That]): Try[(T, That)] =
for (a <- wrapped; b <- that) yield (a, b)
View factorial.scala
def fact(n: Int, acc: BigInt = 1): BigInt =
if(n < 0) throw new Exception("n must be >= 0")
else if (n == 0) acc
else fact(n - 1, acc * n)
View foo.scala
scala> Array(1).hashCode
res16: Int = 357917741
scala> Array(1).hashCode
res17: Int = 1064821544
scala> Seq(1).hashCode
res18: Int = 1945410391
scala> Seq(1).hashCode
View blues.json
"Gray or Grey",
View drunk.scala
scala> val mayBeLong: Option[Long] = Option(null: java.lang.Long)
at scala.Predef$.Long2long(Predef.scala:358)
... 33 elided
scala> val mayBeLong: Option[Long] = Option(null: java.lang.Long).flatMap(Option.apply _)
<console>:7: error: type mismatch;
found : java.lang.Long => Option[java.lang.Long]
required: java.lang.Long => Option[scala.Long]
val mayBeLong: Option[Long] = Option(null: java.lang.Long).flatMap(Option.apply _)
bigjason / DayOneMapOps.scala
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Extension to add missing `Map` transformers.
View DayOneMapOps.scala
package mapops {
implicit class DayOneMapOps[A, +B](wrapped: Map[A, B]) {
// Scalaz has `mapKeys` to just change keys
// Scala has `mapValues` to just change values
// Scala has `transform` to just change values but provides key as a parameter
* This function transforms all the keys and values of mappings contained in this map with function `f`.
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