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This script deploys Microsoft Teams with "autoStart" set to false. This means that Teams won't start large and in charge automatically when the user logs in, until they've run the app for the first time. Works great pushed from Intune.
if ((Test-Path -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Teams Installer\setup.json") -eq $false) {
if ((Test-Path -Path "C:\IntunePSTeamsInstall") -eq $true) {
Remove-Item -Path "C:\IntunePSTeamsInstall" -Recurse -Force
New-Item -Path "C:\IntunePSTeamsInstall" -ItemType Directory -Force > $null
Set-Location -Path "C:\IntunePSTeamsInstall"
Add-Content "install.log" -Value (((Get-Date).DateTime.toString()) + " Downloading installer file.")
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "Teams_windows_x64.msi" -UseBasicParsing
$found_file = Test-Path -Path "Teams_windows_x64.msi"
Add-Content "install.log" -Value (((Get-Date).DateTime.toString()) + " Done downloading installer file. Files is present: $found_file")
Add-Content "install.log" -Value (((Get-Date).DateTime.toString()) + " Executing installer.")
msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi OPTIONS="noAutoStart=true" /qn
Add-Content "install.log" -Value (((Get-Date).DateTime.toString()) + " Handed off to msiexec.")
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