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Zetetic's customized version of Oracle's page sentry to account for session ID discrepancy in Apex 4.0
CREATE OR REPLACE function PASSPORT.oamPageSentry ( p_apex_user in varchar2 default 'APEX_PUBLIC_USER' )
return boolean
l_cgi_var_name varchar2(100) := 'REMOTE_USER';
l_authenticated_username varchar2(256) := upper(owa_util.get_cgi_env(l_cgi_var_name));
l_current_sid number;
l_url_sid varchar2(4000);
l_url varchar2(4000);
l_app_page varchar2(4000);
-- check to ensure that we are running as the correct database user
if user != upper(p_apex_user) then
return false;
end if;
if l_authenticated_username is null then
return false;
end if;
l_current_sid := apex_custom_auth.get_session_id_from_cookie;
l_url := wwv_flow_utilities.url_decode2(owa_util.get_cgi_env('QUERY_STRING'));
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: request from ' || l_authenticated_username || ' (sid=' || l_current_sid || ') for ' || l_url);
-- split on zero or more non-colon characters, and extract the URL session ID if it is present
l_url_sid := REGEXP_SUBSTR(l_url, '[^:]*', 1, 5);
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: extracted current sid from url as ' || l_url_sid);
-- the post_login call at the end of this function will blindly append the session ID to the URL, even if it is
-- a deep link. Detect this condition, strip the duplicate session identifier, and redirect.
if REGEXP_SUBSTR(l_url, '^.*:' || l_current_sid || ':.+:' || l_current_sid || '$') IS NOT NULL then
l_url := REGEXP_REPLACE(l_url, ':' || l_current_sid || '$', '');
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: identified duplicate session id on URL, stripping and redirecting to ' || l_url);
owa_util.redirect_url('f?'|| l_url);
return false;
end if;
-- apex 4.0 appears to have problems setting session variables (possibly due to new session validation)
-- if the Session identifier present in the URL does not agree with the session identifier in the cookie
-- detect this condition, and replace the invalid URL session identifier in the URL with the valid
-- ID in from the cookie and redirect to the fixed URL
if owa_util.get_cgi_env('REQUEST_METHOD') = 'GET' AND l_current_sid <> TO_NUMBER(l_url_sid) then
l_url := REGEXP_REPLACE(l_url, '^(p=.+?:.+?):\d*(.*)$', '\1:' || l_current_sid || '\2');
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: current sid ' ||l_current_sid || ' is diferent from url sid ' || l_url_sid || ', redirecting to url' || l_url);
owa_util.redirect_url('f?'|| l_url);
return false;
end if;
-- 1. If the session is valid and the usernames match then allow the request
-- 2. If the session is valide but the usernames do not match, there may be session tampering going on. log the session out
-- 3. If the session id is not valid, generate a new session, and register it with apex
if apex_custom_auth.is_session_valid then
apex_application.g_instance := l_current_sid;
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: current sid ' || l_current_sid || ' with username ' || apex_custom_auth.get_username || ' is valid');
if l_authenticated_username = apex_custom_auth.get_username then
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: current session username ' || apex_custom_auth.get_username || ' equal to header username ' || l_authenticated_username);
return true;
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: username ' || apex_custom_auth.get_username || ' mismatch with ' || l_authenticated_username || ' loggout');
apex_application.g_unrecoverable_error := true; -- tell apex engine to quit
return false;
end if;
else -- application session cookie not valid; we need a new apex session
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: current session ' || l_current_sid || ' is not valid');
l_current_sid := apex_custom_auth.get_next_session_id;
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: generated new session id ' || l_current_sid);
p_session_id=> l_current_sid );
apex_application.g_unrecoverable_error := true; -- tell apex engine to quit
if owa_util.get_cgi_env('REQUEST_METHOD') = 'GET' then
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: GET request, remembering deep link ' || l_url);
wwv_flow_custom_auth.remember_deep_link(p_url => 'f?'|| l_url );
l_url := 'f?p='||
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: POST request, remembering deep link ' || l_url);
wwv_flow_custom_auth.remember_deep_link(p_url=> l_url );
end if;
-- in previous versions of apex the remember_deep_link call would actually work and cause
-- post_login to redirect to the target URL. This doesnt work any more in 4.0. Instead,
-- we'll pass the target page in to the post_login call directly. Post login will blindly
-- append the session ID to the end of p_app_page when it redirects, but we
-- clean that up with the first cleanup redirect at the beginning of the function
l_app_page := SUBSTR(l_url, 3, LENGTH(l_url) - 2);
wwv_flow.debug('oamPageSentry: post_login for ' || l_authenticated_username || ' app_page ' || l_app_page );
p_uname => l_authenticated_username,
p_session_id => nv('APP_SESSION'),
p_app_page => l_app_page
return false;
end if;
end oamPageSentry;

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commented Dec 14, 2010

This code is designed to solve a known issue in APEX 4.0.2 (Issue # 10347091). Oracle has identified this issue and released a patch on MetaLink, public notes about the issue are here

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