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@billymoon billymoon/fiddle.js
Created Aug 10, 2012

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Manipulate the content of HTML strings without changing the HTML
* Manipulate text inside HTML according to passed function
* @param html the html string to manipulate
* @param manipulator the funciton to manipulate with (will be passed single word)
* @returns manipulated string including unmodified HTML
* Currently limited in that manipulator operates on words determined by regex
* word boundaries, and must return same length manipulated word
var manipulate = function(html, manipulator) {
var block, tag, words, i,
final = '', // used to prepare return value
tags = [], // used to store tags as they are stripped from the html string
x = 0; // used to track the number of characters the html string is reduced by during stripping
// remove tags from html string, and use callback to store them with their index
// then split by word boundaries to get plain words from original html
words = html.replace(/<.+?>/g, function(match, index) {
match: match,
index: index - x
x += match.length;
return '';
// loop through each word and build the final string
// appending the word, or manipulated word if not a boundary
for (i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {
final += i % 2 ? words[i] : manipulator(words[i]);
// loop through each stored tag, and insert into final string
for (i = 0; i < tags.length; i++) {
final = final.slice(0, tags[i].index) + tags[i].match + final.slice(tags[i].index);
// ready to go!
return final;
* Test our function with various input
var reverse, rutherford, shuffle, text, titleCase;
// set our test html string
text = "<h2>Header</h2><p>all the <span class=\"bright\">content</span> here</p>\nQuick<em>Draw</em>McGraw\n<em>going</em><i>home</i>";
// function used to reverse words
reverse = function(s) {
return s.split('').reverse().join('');
// function used by rutherford to return a shuffled array
shuffle = function(a) {
return a.sort(function() {
return Math.round(Math.random()) - 0.5;
// function used to shuffle the middle of words, leaving each end undisturbed
rutherford = function(inc) {
var m = inc.match(/^(.?)(.*?)(.)$/);
return m[1] + shuffle(m[2].split('')).join('') + m[3];
// function to make word Title Cased
titleCase = function(s) {
return s.replace(/./, function(w) {
return w.toUpperCase();
console.log(manipulate(text, reverse));
console.log(manipulate(text, rutherford));
console.log(manipulate(text, titleCase));
name: Manipulate the content of HTML strings without changing the HTML
description: Partial solution to problem posed on Stack Overlflow:
- Billy Moon
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