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Working from home

Bill Quith billyquith

Working from home
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billyquith / FindDirectX9.cmake
Created Oct 15, 2017
Cmake Find DirectX config
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# Find DirectX9
message("Looking for DirectX9...")
"$ENV{PROGRAMFILES}/Microsoft DirectX SDK*/Include"
"$ENV{PROGRAMFILES}/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/*/Include"
"C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/*/include/um"
"C:/Program Files/Windows Kits/*/include/um"
billyquith / lua_db_macros.h
Last active May 23, 2016
Useful Lua C API debug macros
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// Put at start of function
#define LUDB_DECL int db_top(0),zz_ltop=lua_gettop(L),db_d_top(0),db_typei(-1),db_idx(0); \
const char *db_type(0), *db_valstr(0);
// Put after each line Lua API was used
#define LUDB(I) db_top=lua_gettop(L); db_d_top=db_top-zz_ltop; zz_ltop=db_top; \
db_typei=lua_type(L,I); db_type=lua_typename(L,db_typei); \
db_valstr=lua_tostring(L,I); db_idx= I>=0 ? I : db_top+I+1
billyquith /
Created Dec 30, 2015
Build script for Allegro 5
#! /bin/bash
# Purpose: Build Allegro 5 for OSX and iOS.
# Make sure you have the most recent version of the build tools. Apple moved
# installation of Xcode 4.3 from /Developer to /Applications. cmake has been
# being patched ever since. This script was tested with:
# * Xcode 4.5.2 and Macports cmake 2.8.10. *
# You will have problems with cmake 2.8.9 and other versions of cmake.
brew install boost
brew install cmake premake
brew install doxygen
brew install lua luajit
brew install flatbuffers
brew install rapidjson
brew install sdl2 --HEAD
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