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Byeonggon Lee binkoni

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binkoni / find-that-bastard.js
Created Aug 17, 2021 — forked from pepebe/find-that-bastard.js
JS: Find the event handler blocking events (event.preventDefault())
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// Scenario: Some event handler is blocking events (event.preventDefault()) that shouldn't be blocked, i.e. because it binds to document instead of a more specific element
// 1) Place this before all other JavaScript
var originalPreventDefault = Event.prototype.preventDefault;
Event.prototype.preventDefault = function () {
// Lookup specific event you're expecting, i.e. pressing space
if (this instanceof KeyboardEvent && this.keyCode === 32) {
// This will log an error with full stack trace
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const fakeDatabase =
"id": 1,
"name": "Leanne Graham",
"username": "Bret",
"email": "",
"address": {
"street": "Kulas Light",
"suite": "Apt. 556",
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Created Jul 26, 2019 — forked from nichtich/
How to automatically deploy from GitHub

Deploy your site with git

This gist assumes:

  • you have an online remote repository (github / bitbucket etc.)
  • you have a local git repo
  • and a cloud server (Rackspace cloud / Amazon EC2 etc)
    • your (PHP) scripts are served from /var/www/html/
    • your webpages are executed by Apache
    • the Apache user is named www-data (may be apache on other systems)
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Created Apr 11, 2019 — forked from cobyism/
Deploy to `gh-pages` from a `dist` folder on the master branch. Useful for use with [yeoman](

Deploying a subfolder to GitHub Pages

Sometimes you want to have a subdirectory on the master branch be the root directory of a repository’s gh-pages branch. This is useful for things like sites developed with Yeoman, or if you have a Jekyll site contained in the master branch alongside the rest of your code.

For the sake of this example, let’s pretend the subfolder containing your site is named dist.

Step 1

Remove the dist directory from the project’s .gitignore file (it’s ignored by default by Yeoman).

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Last active Jul 4, 2018 — forked from cabal95/
I use this script to backup my QEMU/KVM/libVirt virtual machines. The script requires KVM 2.1+ since it uses the live blockcommit mode. This means the data in the snapshot disk is rolled back into the original instead of the other way around. Script does NOT handle spaces in paths.
if [ -z "$BACKUPDEST" -o -z "$DOMAIN" ]; then
echo "Usage: ./vm-backup <backup-folder> <domain> [max-backups]"
exit 1
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Created Aug 21, 2016 — forked from davidbgk/
A very simple HTTP server in Python using wsgiref.simple_server
from cgi import parse_qs
from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
def simple_app(environ, start_response):
status = '200 OK'
headers = [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')]
start_response(status, headers)
if environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST':
request_body_size = int(environ.get('CONTENT_LENGTH', 0))
request_body = environ['wsgi.input'].read(request_body_size)