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Steps for Installing LabelImg
Steps for Installing LabelImg :
Step 1.
git clone
Step 2.
sudo pip3 install pyqt5 lxml
Step 3.
cd labelImg/
Step 4.
make qt5py3
Step 5.
Creating :
Step 1.
pip3 install py2app
Step 2.
cd LabelImg
Step 3.
python3 py2app -A
Shorcut Keys:
w Create a bounding box
d Next image
a Previous image
cmd + scroll Zoom in/out
cmd + s Save
cmd + d Copy the current label and bounding box
del Delete the selected bounding box
space Mark the current image as verified
cmd + '+' Zoom in
cmd + '-' Zoom out
↑ → ↓ ← Move selected bounding box
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