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Last active Apr 2, 2016
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; Minimal "object oriented" scaffolding
(define (object methods)
(lambda (label method-parameters)
((cdr (assoc label methods)) method-parameters)))
; declaration: easily do funkier state stuff here
(define (person name dob)
(object `( (name . ,(lambda () name))
(age . ,(lambda (today) (- today dob)))))) ; absolute nonsense, but an example of param passing
; usage
(define someone (person 'stuart 19830102))
(someone 'name)
(someone 'age 20160402)
; funkier state thing. Didn't say it was a pretty OO system, just minimal
(define (funky foo bar)
(define vals (list foo bar))
(object `((foo . ,(lambda () (car vals)))
(bar . ,(lambda () (cadr vals)))
(foo! . ,(lambda (foo) (set-car! vals foo)))
(bar! . ,(lambda (bar) (set-car! (cdr vals) bar))))))
(define f (funky 'test 'data))
(display (f 'foo))
(display (f 'bar))
(f 'foo! 'hello)
(f 'bar! 'world)
(display (f 'foo))
(display (f 'bar))
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