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GSoC 2020 final project report

GSoC 2020 final work report - CHAOSS Badging project

GSoC with CHAOSS banner

Table of contents

About the project

CHAOSS D&I Badging project aims to promote good D&I practices by assigning Badges to Events and Projects based on the good practices they follow. It is also a way to implement CHAOSS D&I metrics.The badge assignments happen after an open peer review process which takes place over GitHub issues. The metrics act as a reference source for creating checklists which reviewers can edit and track their observations on.


My GSoC work was focused on building a GitHub based workflow for supporting D&I Badging reviews. There were various components to this:

  • Setting up Rules for the process
  • Defining Roles to separate GitHub permissions and work for the Review
  • Creating bots to automate parts of the review flow
  • Reiterating through the process based on feedback from mentors and the D&I working group :)

Work done

Community Bonding Period

  • Explored the platform features of GitHub
  • Explored other options for filling out templates aprt from the GH interface
  • Made a small demo of a form linked up to GitHub Issue query parameters
  • Set up the tracking issue for Phase One

Phase one

  • Made an Event Criteria hierarchy
  • Polished existing applicant templates
  • Created Event and Project Review Checklists
  • Wrote Guidelines and Requirements for the project

Phase two

  • Wrote a GitHub bot to comment checklists for PR assignees
  • Reworked badge assignment criteria
  • Experimented with Badge assignment bots
  • Implemented feedback from first pilot testing

Phase three

  • Implemented Badge assignment through percentages
  • Implemented automatic issue assignment
  • Worked on implementing some feedback from second pilot testing

Future work

  • Supporting separate checklists for Virtual Events
  • Setting up a system for tracking and recording completed reviews over repository README/documents

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