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Project Review Checklist

Initial checks

  • Quantitative
    • The source code is available at the given repository URL.
    • The Licence for the project is OSI approved.
    • The repository contains a Licence file, contributing guidelines and a README.
    • The issue tracker link has been provided.
    • The link for documentation has been provided.
    • The applicant has major contributions in the submitted project.
  • Qualitative
    • If any of the checks above are not met, or if the matter provided is insufficient, describe how.

Metric based checks

Communication Channels

Metric Question: How welcoming, responsive, respectful are interactions even on hot topics of debate? What is the diversity of voices speaking/being heard?


  • The communication channel available to join for new contributors.
  • The language used within the channel is clear and easy to grasp.
  • The project communication channel helps to create a diverse and inclusive environment.


  • How does the Communication Channel for the project create an inclusive environment?

Issue Tracker

Metric Question: How well does the project issue tracker setup to invite new contributors, skilled contributors, non-technical contributors?


  • The issue tracker is readable without login.
  • The issues have been labeled extensively, and the labels have accurate descriptions.


  • Describe how the issue tracker can be improved.

Response Times & Quality

Metric Question: How quickly and well does the project respond to suggestions, PR'S, and questions?


  • The project has a good (human) response time.


  • If the project measures response time, state how effective these measurements are in building a better environent.


Metric Question: What is the sentiment within external communication channels regarding our own press releases and within our internal communication channels?


Metric Question: What is the thoroughness, and accessibility of documentation according to a set of criteria?


  • The documentation is screen reader accessible.
  • The documentation is searchable.
  • The document structure was easy to follow.
  • The documentation is actively maintained.
  • The documentation avoids non-inclusive language.


  • Describe how the Documentation of the project can be improved to resolve the checks that were not met.
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