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Parse Node Arguments with named arguments
function parseArgs(args) {
let parsed = {};
try {
parsed = Object.assign(
.reduce((l, r) => {
if (!Array.isArray(l)) l = [[l, r]];
else if (r.startsWith('--')) l.push([r]);
else l[l.length - 1].push(r);
return l;
.map(p => ({ [p[0].substring(2)]: p[1] }))
} catch (e) {
console.error('Unknown argument passed', e);
return parsed;
const opts = parseArgs(process.argv);
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bit-cmdr commented Nov 27, 2017

Invoked as:

node parse-arguments --username alexander --password Password1

opts will contain:

  username: 'alexander',
  password: 'Password1'

That's just an example password, if it matches your real password. Change your password.

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