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Created June 20, 2013 20:54
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name: my:reality
info: The world of Miguel Gonzalez
pygments: true
paginate: 6
- text: Blog
title: News, Tutorials and more.
url: /
icon: icon-book
- text: Games
title: All about my games.
url: /games/
icon: icon-gamepad
- text: Code
title: My github account.
icon: icon-github
- text: Media
title: Videos, images and more.
url: /media/
icon: icon-play-sign
- text: Social
title: Follow me @tweetmyreality
icon: icon-twitter
name: Miguel Gonzalez
url: /about
description: My name is <a href="/about">Miguel</a> and I am a game developer and software engineer. I love it to write <a href="/games">games</a>.
image: /img/world-icon.png
- url: /impressum
name: Impressum
- url: /about
name: Author
- name: Galacticum
genre: shooter
tag: gamedev
date: not finished
- name: LittleWars
genre: strategy
tag: gamedev
date: January 2012
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