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And once you're an intermediate Haskeller, I'd recommend Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell. Interestingly, I think it also has the best explanation of laziness of any of the resources I've read.

Hayoo seems to be a good supplement to Hoogle when looking up some more obscure types. e.g. it finds persistent's types when Hoogle doesn't (see Entity)

eborden commented

Is this intended as a top to bottom flow? It seems like recursion should probably be a foundational topic instead of somewhere below parallelism.

Just to be clear, you think we should add ghc, alex and happy to the path, but not cabal?

...and now I understand why. But it might be worth making that explicit.


@eborden the placement of recursion schemes is intentional. Did you look at the material it links to? It's not mere recursion, it's the formalization of recursion patterns such as those found in the famous Meijer paper.

So, less "write a foldr" and more "that's a zygo preprohistomorphism!"

The foundational material covers basic recursion already.

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