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WordPress - Remove empty p tags for custom shortcodes
add_filter("the_content", "the_content_filter");
function the_content_filter($content) {
// array of custom shortcodes requiring the fix
$block = join("|",array("col","shortcode2","shortcode3"));
// opening tag
$rep = preg_replace("/(<p>)?\[($block)(\s[^\]]+)?\](<\/p>|<br \/>)?/","[$2$3]",$content);
// closing tag
$rep = preg_replace("/(<p>)?\[\/($block)](<\/p>|<br \/>)?/","[/$2]",$rep);
return $rep;
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ghost commented Feb 18, 2014

Hello, any newer option for removing empty p? I can't get theme accepted on themeforest with this code inside.

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dtbaker commented Feb 20, 2014

A friend of mine also had his theme rejected using this, but it might still be possible if it is explained,

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ash-f commented Oct 3, 2017

But shouldn't it be content_save_pre or something rather than the_content that works when saving posts?
So it will put less server loads.

function my_sanitize_content($value){ $value = preg_replace("/<p>(\[[^<]+?)<\/p>/u","$1",$value); $value = preg_replace("/<p>(\[[^<]+?)<br \/>/u","$1<p>",$value); return $value; } add_filter('content_save_pre','my_sanitize_content',10,1);

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cecowe commented Jul 10, 2018

I have a child theme active right now. Should I add this snippet to functions of the child theme or the parent theme?
How may I add the code, in the end of the .php or?

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