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remix surround channel levels
cmCenter = 1
local defCenter = 1
cmFront = 0.707
local defFront = 0.707
cmSide = 0.707
local defSide = 0.707
cmBack = 0.707
local defBack = 0.707
cmLFE = 0
local defLFE = 0
local function mix(channel, adjustment)
if channel == "reset" then
cmCenter = defCenter
cmFront = defFront
cmSide = defSide
cmBack = defBack
cmLFE = defLFE
_G[channel] = _G[channel] + adjustment
if _G[channel] < 0.001 then _G[channel] = 0 end
mp.set_property("af", "lavfi=[pan=stereo|FL="..cmCenter.."FC+"..cmFront.."FL+"..cmSide.."SL+"..cmBack.."BL+"..cmLFE.."LFE|FR="..cmCenter.."FC+"..cmFront.."FR+"..cmSide.."SR+"..cmBack.."BR+"..cmLFE.."LFE]")
mp.osd_message("lavfi=[pan=stereo|\nFL="..cmCenter.."FC+"..cmFront.."FL+"..cmSide.."SL+"..cmBack.."BL+"..cmLFE.."LFE|\nFR="..cmCenter.."FC+"..cmFront.."FR+"..cmSide.."SR+"..cmBack.."BR+"..cmLFE.."LFE]", 5)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+Shift+F8", "mReset", function() mix("reset") end)
mp.add_key_binding("Shift+F8", "cUp", function() mix("cmCenter",0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+F8", "cDown", function() mix("cmCenter",-0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Shift+F9", "fUp", function() mix("cmFront",0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+F9", "fDown", function() mix("cmFront",-0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Shift+F10", "sUp", function() mix("cmSide",0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+F10", "sDown", function() mix("cmSide",-0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Shift+F11", "bUp", function() mix("cmBack",0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+F11", "bDown", function() mix("cmBack",-0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Shift+F12", "lUp", function() mix("cmLFE",0.1) end)
mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+F12", "lDown", function() mix("cmLFE",-0.1) end)
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Using a modifier (Shift or Ctrl) and the function keys (F8-F12) you can adjust the mixing level of surround channels on the fly
Ctrl+Shift+F8 resets the levels to ffmpeg defaults

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F8 adjusts the center channel
F9 adjusts the front channel
F10 adjusts the side channel
F11 adjusts the back channel
F12 adjusts the LFE channel

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