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09:58 <%Suzuran> jbit: I've given serious consideration to having someone make me a set of Patchouli's clothes for regular wear as pajamas.
10:01 < bitofhope> Patchamas sounds really comfy
10:01 <%Suzuran> Doesn't it?
10:01 < bitofhope> Also dat nightcap
10:01 <%Suzuran> I'd wear it to dialysis but white and blood doesn't mix well
10:01 < Warma> Sounds a wee bit gay.
10:01 < Warma> But go for it.
10:02 < bitofhope> though then the moon gets caught in a pillow and gets ripped off and you poke yourself in the eye with it
10:02 < bitofhope> If they get bloody you just wash them and if they turn pinkish in the wash, that doesn't matter at all.
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