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VP Eng @ FirstAML

Alex Henderson bittercoder

VP Eng @ FirstAML
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bittercoder / FileArranger.cs
Created Jan 28, 2019
C# program to arrange movies into folders, then those folders in groups by first letter (A-Z...)
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using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
namespace FileArranger
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
bittercoder /
Last active Aug 13, 2022
Convert .heic files to .jpg on linux (coming from an iOS11 device over USB)
# download release from github: and install at ~/tools/tifig
# then run these commands in the folder (just to keep things simple we normalize the file extension case before proceeding).
for f in *.HEIC; do mv "$f" "`echo $f | sed s/.HEIC/.heic/`"; done
for file in *.heic; do echo "~/tools/tifig -v -p $file ${file/%.heic/.jpg}"; done
bittercoder / gist:5506001
Last active Dec 16, 2015
Turns out there's a maximum limit on setInterval after which it will fire immediately, rather then what you expect (which is to never fire) on chrome/firefox.
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var a = function() {
var signedIntMax = 2147483647;
var signedIntMaxPlus1 = signedIntMax+1; // will cause bang immediately on webkit/firefox but not IE
setInterval(a, signedIntMaxPlus1);
bittercoder / MyApp.ChartTitleMixin.js
Created Feb 20, 2013
Example of an ExtJS mix-in to render a chart title on the top of a chart.
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Ext.define("MyApp.ChartTitleMixin", {
createTitleItem: function() {
this.chartTitle = new Ext4.draw.Sprite({
type: "text",
"text-anchor": "middle",
fill: "black",
"font-size": "12px",
"font-weight": "bold",
"font-family": "Arial",
text: this.title
bittercoder / babysteps.txt
Created Dec 7, 2012
Babysteps rules (with git hints)
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Grab git from here if you don't have it (and don't have another SCM you want to use instead):
Initialize a git repository.
mkdir session3
cd session3
git init
bittercoder / conwayrules.js
Created Dec 7, 2012
no-conditionals conways rules
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var evalRules = function(isAlive, neighbours) {
var isAliveAfterTick = false;
var dead = function() {
isAliveAfterTick = false;
return true;
var live = function() {
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public namespace MyCompany.MyProject.MyFeature {
public class MySuite {
public MySuite() {
// SetupSomeTestData in here - but oh noi throw an error.
throw new Exception("bang!");
bittercoder / gist:4014624
Created Nov 5, 2012
Generic list of actions
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public class GenericActionList
readonly IList<Action<object>> _actions = new List<Action<object>>();
public void AddAction<T>(Action<T> action)
where T : class
_actions.Add(input => Invoke(action, input));
View MemoryTributary.cs
/// <summary>
/// MemoryTributary is a re-implementation of MemoryStream that uses a dynamic list of byte arrays as a backing store, instead of a single byte array, the allocation
/// of which will fail for relatively small streams as it requires contiguous memory.
/// </summary>
public class MemoryTributary : Stream /* */
#region Constructors
public MemoryTributary()
bittercoder / Program.cs
Created Sep 1, 2012
Monkey Coconuts Brute Force
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namespace MonkeyCoconuts
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
for (int i=0; i<10000000; i++)
if (test(i))