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Coding things

Brett Jankord bjankord

Coding things
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bjankord / viewed-all-files script
Created Jul 30, 2019
Viewed All Files script
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// Checkes all "Viewed" checkboxes
var x = document.querySelectorAll('.js-reviewed-checkbox'), i = 0;
for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {
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{calendar && <Popup
contentAttachment={'top center'}
isOpen={( && !this.props.disabled)}
targetAttachment={'bottom center'}
targetRef={() => this.datePickerContainer}
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add src/icons/0001_plus_a.svg themeable
search src/icons/0002_magnifyingGlass_a.svg themeable
commit src/icons/0003_check_a.svg themeable
reload src/icons/0152_circleArrow_a.svg themeable deprecated
checkmark src/icons/0003_check_a.svg themeable
success src/icons/0003_check_i_heavyCircleGreen.svg
success_low_light src/icons/LL_0003_check_i_heavyCircleGreen.svg
success_inverse src/icons/0003_check_i_heavyCircleWhite.svg
success_inverse_low_light src/icons/LL_0003_check_i_heavyCircleWhite.svg
available src/icons/0003_check_i_heavyCircleGreen.svg
bjankord /
Created Mar 26, 2019
terra-base terra-i18n major version bump

terra-core|update-base-and-i18n-packages ⇒ lerna updated lerna info version 2.11.0 lerna info versioning independent lerna info ignore [ '', 'terra-i18n-plugin', '*.tgz' ] lerna info Checking for updated packages... lerna info Comparing with terra-responsive-element@4.5.0. lerna info Checking for prereleased packages... lerna info result

  • terra-base
  • terra-i18n
View updates.diff
@ packages/terra-form-select/src/_Frame.jsx:207 @ class Frame extends React.Component {
className: cx('search-input', { 'is-hidden': Util.shouldHideSearch(this.props, this.state) }),
+ const selected = 'selected!';
switch (variant) {
case Variants.TAG:
case Variants.MULTIPLE:
@ packages/terra-form-select/src/_Frame.jsx:224 @ class Frame extends React.Component {
bjankord / index.js
Created Jan 14, 2019
axe-core + puppeteer set up
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const util = require('util');
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const axe = require('axe-core');
const urls = [
const results = [];
bjankord / memoized-custom-properties-check.js
Created Dec 26, 2018
View memoized-custom-properties-check.js
/* Didn't notice any perf improvement with memozing this, actually saw a regression
memoized custom property check, may see improvement if called more frequently */
const customPropertyCheck = () => {
let cache = {};
return () => {
if ('customProperties' in cache) {
console.log('Fetching from cache');
return cache['customProperties'];

react-dates uses an aria-describedby on the input attribute that points to a p element with the following content within it. "Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates."

  • Focusing on the input reads, "Date, edit text" followed by the aria-describedby content.
  • Pressing ? key opens a modal with the following keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ↵ Select the date in focus.
  • ←/→ Move backward (left) and forward (right) by one day.

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View base-no-jsx.js
if (!this.state.areTranslationsLoaded) return React.createElement('div', null, 'Translations are loading');
return React.createElement(
{ ...customProps, locale: this.state.locale, messages: messages },