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bjarneeins / energy-monitor.json
Last active Jun 7, 2021
Example for a Grafana Dashboard which will display Information about Energy usage
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"annotations": {
"list": [
"builtIn": 1,
"datasource": "-- Grafana --",
"enable": true,
"hide": true,
"iconColor": "rgba(0, 211, 255, 1)",
"name": "Annotations & Alerts",
bjarneeins / docker-compose.yml
Last active Mar 6, 2020
Example for running InfluxDB and Grafana with docker-compose
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version: '3'
image: influxdb:latest
container_name: influxdb
restart: on-failure
- ./data/influxdb/:/var/lib/influxdb
- "8086:8086"
bjarneeins /
Last active Feb 11, 2020 — forked from rbaarda/
Python3 script which collects data from a HS110 power plug and tries to either send it to a local or a remote Influxdb database.
import sys
import time
import socket
import json
import threading
import requests
import argparse
from struct import pack
# needed to disable ssl warnings