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fabfile for deployment. (fab
from fabric.contrib.files import append, exists, sed
from fabric.api import env, local, run
from os import path
import random
SITES_FOLDER = '/home/username/sites/'
PROJECT_NAME = 'projectName'
def deploy():
source_folder = path.join(SITES_FOLDER,, 'source')
def _create_directory_structure_if_necessary(site_name):
base_folder = path.join(SITES_FOLDER, site_name)
run('mkdir -p %s' % (base_folder))
for subfolder in ('database', 'static', 'virtualenv', 'source'):
run('mkdir -p %s/%s' % (base_folder, subfolder))
def _get_latest_source(source_folder):
if exists(path.join(source_folder, '.git')):
run('cd %s && git fetch' % (source_folder,))
run('git clone %s %s' % (REPO_URL, source_folder))
current_commit = local("git log -n 1 --format=%H", capture=True)
run('cd %s && git reset --hard %s' % (source_folder, current_commit))
def _update_settings(source_folder, site_name):
settings_path = path.join(source_folder, PROJECT_NAME, '')
sed(settings_path, "DEBUG = True", "DEBUG = False")
sed(settings_path, 'DOMAIN = "localhost"', 'DOMAIN = "%s"' % (site_name,))
secret_key_file = path.join(source_folder, PROJECT_NAME, '')
if not exists(secret_key_file):
chars = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz012456789!@#$%^&*(-_=+)'
key = ''.join(random.SystemRandom().choice(chars) for _ in range(50))
append(secret_key_file, "SECRET_KEY = '%s'" % (key,))
append(settings_path, 'from .secret_key import SECRET_KEY')
def _update_virtualenv(source_folder):
virtualenv_folder = path.join(source_folder, '../virtualenv')
if not exists(path.join(virtualenv_folder, 'bin', 'pip')):
run('virtualenv --python=python3 %s' % (virtualenv_folder,))
run('%s/bin/pip install -r %s/requirements.txt' % (
virtualenv_folder, source_folder
def _update_static_files(source_folder):
run('cd %s && ../virtualenv/bin/python3 collectstatic --noinput' % (
def _update_database(source_folder):
run('cd %s && ../virtualenv/bin/python3 syncdb --migrate --noinput' % (source_folder,))
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