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Google Summer of Code - Final Report

Google Summer of Code 2018 - Final Report

The work I did for GSoC 2018 is spread over multiple repositories, this gist represents a collection of all the work I have done.

What's done?

The overall goal to create an Unreal Plugin, that has the basic Marker/Trajectory visualization functions of RViz, was achieved. The functionalities can be triggered via ROS service calls, specifics can be found in the documentaion of the individual repositories. To achieve this UROSBridge was extended by an editor Plugin UROSBridgeEd. This was initially not part of the project, but will be an essential contribution to the UROSBridge repository, and the way it will connect to ROS in the future.

The reason the code is not yet merged into the official repository, is that there still is a Bug in my work and currently it’s not completely clear if the bug is part of the UROSVisPackage, or the extension made to the UROSBridge.

What’s not working?

Spawning Markers/Trajectories during runtime, is technically implemented, but it’s bugged and does not work correctly. When trying to spawn Markers/Trajectories during play the Actors only get spawned once the play mode is stopped. In other words using the provided services during runtime is currently not supported.

Trajectories and Point-Marker spawned in the editor currently are not displayed correctly if BeginPlay is called. This however is an issue of a third party plugin used and should be resolved soon.

Repository contributions

pull requests to the official organization repository



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