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Run all due cron events for WordPress with WP-CLI. Works with both single sites and multisite networks.
# Copyright © 2015 Bjørn Johansen
# This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2,
# as published by Sam Hocevar. See for more details.
# Check if WP-CLI is available
if ! hash wp 2>/dev/null; then
echo "WP-CLI is not available"
# If WordPress isn’t installed here, we bail
if ! $(wp core is-installed --path="$WP_PATH" --quiet); then
echo "WordPress is not installed here: ${WP_PATH}"
# Get a list of site URLs
if $(wp core is-installed --path="$WP_PATH" --quiet --network);
SITE_URLS=`wp site list --fields=url --archived=0 --deleted=0 --format=csv --path="$WP_PATH" | sed 1d`
SITE_URLS=(`wp option get siteurl --path="$WP_PATH"`)
# Loop through all the sites
# Run all event hooks that are due
for EVENT_HOOK in $(wp cron event list --format=csv --fields=hook,next_run_relative --url="$SITE_URL" --path="$WP_PATH" | grep now$ | awk -F ',' '{print $1}')
wp cron event run "$EVENT_HOOK" --url="$SITE_URL" --path="$WP_PATH" --quiet

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@sidati sidati commented Mar 14, 2016

Hi @bjornjohansen,
I had an issue with the script and i can't figue it out whats the problem. the cron keep giving me "WP-CLI is not available" in my log, so i replace the wp with the absolute path /usr/local/bin/wp and still get the same error so i replace it again with phar://wp-cli.phar the error message gone but a new error start displaying WordPress is not installed here path/to/my/wp ???!!!!

Ubuntu OS 14.04
WP-CLI 0.22.0


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@KingYes KingYes commented May 29, 2016

@sidati Try my fork code:
PS: Make sure you change your php and wp-cli path in the top lines.

@bjornjohansen Nice script, thank you !


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@Montano5 Montano5 commented Nov 7, 2016

Hi !

Thank you for your script. But I have nearly the same problems as @sidati:

  • First wp-cli doesn't want to be run as root user for security reasons. So I run it with this command for example:
    sudo -u webuser wp --info
    It may be usefull to add a USER variable to launch wp-cli as this user.

  • Second, I also have this "WordPress is not installed here: /path/to/wordpress" despite the fact that I wrote the correct path in the script. We're agree that the PATH is the directory where wordpress is installed and where we can locate wp-config.php and others critical files, right ?

Thank you for your great job ;)

Edit: yes, correcting the user running wp makes no error code displaying (and no more Wordpress is not installed here).
I can't switch to the webuser as the user is not created on the server so command
su webuser
is not working. I can't edit crontab for this user too as I can't switch to it.
So I simply add the command 'sudo -u webuser' before any 'wp' command in your script and everything is going the right way :)


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@Pikkulahti Pikkulahti commented Nov 7, 2017

It would seem that instead of looping through all the jobs and running them even if they weren't due (which this does if i understand correctly), you could just run:

wp cron event run --due-now

Like answered here:

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