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Last active March 15, 2022 16:07
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Benjamin P. Keating

Designer & Developer

phone: (510) 387-4875
twitter: @flowpoke



To create as much as possble with a deep passion and understanding of user experience and user interface design. To leverage neaural networks and realize amazing teams.



  • 23 years experience in graphic design and user experience
  • Advanced user of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Figma, Webflow
  • Knowledgeable in CAD, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and Plastic molding


  • 18 years experience programming in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/EcmaScript.
  • Deep understanding of both Django and Svelte web frameworks.
  • Additional languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, C, C++, Swift, Processing
  • Mostly git. Some subversion. I adhere to version control best practices.
  • Designed and administered databases in MySQL, PostgresQL and, MongoDB. Successfully wrangled a broken Zope db once...
  • Agile dev practices fully embraced. Can use JIRA blindfolded.


  • 18 years experience administering and tuning BSD and GNU/Linux systems
  • Can automate system and service tasks through shell scripting (bash, csh)
  • Familiar with installing, maintaining and, troubleshooting most mail services
  • Virtual Machine and Container virtualization setup and management (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Administered DNS services, network security and, file sharing services (BIND, djbdns, pf, iptables, SMB, AFP, NFS, YP/NIS, Vinum)
  • Service Monitoring (SNMP, MRTG, Nagios, Cacti, CloudWatch)
  • Setup and recovery of both software and hardware RAID systems
  • Skillful in circuit soldering, construction and, troubleshooting. Saved the server room this one time by fixing the AC unit.
  • Some successful hardware forensics and data recovery experience.
  • I think and design in twelve-factor.

Work History

The American Spreadsheet Company

Designer & Developer, CEO, Founder, 02019-Present

  • ... work in progress! (:

Northwestern Mutual

Sr. Software Engineer / UX Engineer, 02019-Present

  • Acheived AWS Cloud certification
  • Worked with, and on NM's internal design system
  • Lead design and engineering ideation sessions, providing group activities and collective-feedback.
  • Designer & developer of a professional athletic platform; ProQuo
  • Designed and built several event-based websites for scheduling and collaboration
  • Enough knowlege in Machine Learning to think in-features
  • Worked in a new mixture of tools: Azure AD, CyberArk, Confluence, Hasura...
  • Lead design and engineering ideation sessions, providing group activities abd leading group design process.

RP Nutrients, Inc.

Designer / Developer, 02015-02019

  • Full stack developer in Python and JavaScript (Django and React)
  • Frontend development using React, RxJS, GraphQL
  • Designed, branded and, developed Milker; next generation dairy farm automation software
  • Designed and developed Laboratory Information Database Management software written in in Python, Django, jQuery, React and, PostgresQL

The Long Now Foundation

Designer / Developer, 02003-02015

  • Designed and developed most all web services related to Long Now
  • Designed and branded events (posters, postcards, custom web designs)
  • Developed the software that The Interval’s ‘Brickstarter’ campaign ran on
  • Administered all digital services and systems both on-site and co-lo
  • Designed and developed the software that Warren Buffet placed his million dollar bet on
  • Created a TEDx theme for TEDxDeExtinction, adhering to TEDx style guidelines
  • Created online Membership program (signup and member-only sections) before recurring billing was commonplace
  • Became primary developer and maintainer of an open-source package for PayPal’s PayFlowPro service written in Python
  • Managed A/V for Seminar series (02003-02006), post production and distribution of media
  • Produced Kindle and ePub formatted eBooks for Amazon’s bookstore
  • Integrated with several REST API's including Stipe Payments, PayPal
  • Integrated with many of AWS’s services (S3, EC2, RDS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Route53, Elastic Transcoder)
  • Worked closely with Amazon Payments team on custom "$10k button" payment solutions
  • Responsible for keeping the digital archive of the worlds languages safe by managing it's file services and backups.
  • Working closely with Stanford University as one of our long-term backup partners for The Rosetta Project

Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori School

Designer / Developer, 02016-02018

  • Created multi-regional field trip management software
  • Worked within HIPPA compliant development best practices
  • Redesigned website and refreshed existing branding
  • Managed several fundraisers and digital marketing campaigns (design, communications and, app development)
  • Created customizable form framework for a variety of use cases
  • Designed and developed event ticketing system

East Troy Area Chamber of Commerce

President, 02014-Present

  • Designed and built, and East Troy's community Status Board project
  • Created the Village of East Troy logo/brand. Cited on signage, municipal vehicles, water tower and more
  • Created the Police badge for the Village of East Troy Police Department

Kevin Kelly

Developer, Sysadmin Administrator, 02007-02013

  • Primary sysadmin for all of Kevin’s web sites including Cool Tools, Quantified Self, The Technium and,
  • Helped collect and manage artwork resources for the Silver Cord project
  • Developed web forms for various submissions and campaigns (Django, MySQL)

Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Designer / Developer, 02008-02010

  • Managed DNS, email and file sharing services
  • Designed and built and
  • Built online membership system w/payment integrations
  • Co-designed SFChefs events with Visa Signature design group
  • Designed ad campaign that was published across multiple subway station platforms

Shoulder High Productions, LLC.

Designer / Developer, 02007-02010

  • Logo and branding
  • Hosting and administration of web, mail, dns, file servers
  • Built custom web forms for video production equipment and service rental
  • Designed and developed several media-rich web sites (Django, MySQL)

Applied Minds, Inc.

System Administrator, 02004-02005

  • Cleaned/refactored pile of servers into a proper rack configuration
  • Administered GNU/Linux systems running Apache, MySQL, Zope and custom Perl resources

Vector Industries, Inc.

Programmer, System Administrator, 02000-02003

  • Built an inventory / sales management interface in PHP and MySQL
  • Designed and developed company web site and product brochures
  • Administered office computers and on-premise server rack

Volunteer Work

  • Created the East Troy Computer Club. Grew the community to 400+ members, building relationships with the local school districts and governments. Initiating transparency projects, educational workshops and mentorships over 5+ years of activity.
  • Hosted many charity and fundraiser events, providing full-service Audio and Video solutions, marketing and graphic design, ticketing management, payment and fulfillment. In most cases, providing custom solutions.
  • I'll never turn down a senior citizen needing tech help.
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