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Benjamin P. Keating

Professionally Creative Knowledge Worker

+1 (510) 387-4875


Seeking a role at the forefront of UX and engineering, where I can apply my deep expertise in design and development to lead innovative projects. My goal is to harness my diverse skills to create user-centric, technically advanced solutions, guiding teams to deliver impactful and sustainable digital experiences. With a comprehensive background in both UX design and software engineering, I am prepared to take on challenges that demand a high level of technical acumen and creative insight.



  • 25+ years in graphic design and user experience
  • Power user of Figma, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Crafts compelling stories through custom data visualizations
  • Rapid iteration champion, excelling in designing with code
  • Embraces and inspires with a 'Yes and...' creative mindset
  • Profound grasp of file formats for optimal compatibility
  • Proficient in creating and managing design systems
  • Can design in real-time in front of any size group
  • Prioritizes accessibility in every design decision
  • Fluent in motion design and micro-interactions
  • Values the significance of whitespace in design
  • A seasoned veteran of responsive design
  • Every pixel is accounted for and utilized
  • Limitless on-demand creativity


  • 23+ years in Bash, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Adept at scripting and automating a wide range of tasks
  • Wholeheartedly embraces agile development methodologies
  • Modeled and administered Relational and NoSQL databases
  • Passionate advocate for reactive programming principles
  • Expertise in Progressive Web App (PWA) development
  • Skilled in building RESTful APIs and GraphQL services
  • Pixel-perfect CSS (can match mock-ups perfectly)
  • Deep understanding of Git and its advanced uses
  • Exceptional abilities in Django, React and Svelte
  • Loves to pair up, collaborate, mentor-it-forward
  • Responsible for longevity and maintenance
  • Thinks (and designs) in twelve-factor


  • 24+ years mastering BSD and GNU/Linux system administration
  • Proficient in service monitoring tools (SNMP, MRTG, Nagios, CloudWatch)
  • Solid understanding of email installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Competent in VM and container virtualization (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Managed DNS, network security, and file sharing services
  • Adept at circuit soldering and hardware troubleshooting
  • Expert in shell scripting for automation (bash, csh, zsh)
  • Experienced in hardware forensics and data recovery
  • Advanced experience with serverless architectures
  • Skilled in setup and recovery of RAID systems

Work History

Director of UI

02021-02024 @ Landus Cooperative

  • Rapidly led the design and launch of an agriculture-focused CRM system.
  • Recruited and led a high-performing team of engineers and designers.
  • Initiated custom batch processing tools for agricultural efficiency.
  • Specifically hired to cultivate a positive, innovative work culture.
  • Implemented Microsoft PowerBI for advanced data analytics.
  • Integrated Twilio Flex for Farmers GROW Support hotline.
  • Designed user-friendly mobile and desktop UI.

Senior Software Engineer / UX Designer

02019-02021 @ Northwestern Mutual

  • Gained AWS Cloud certification.
  • Mentored and fostered cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Contributed to Northwestern Mutual's internal design system.
  • Led development of ProQuo Virtual Competition Software.
  • Collaborated on rapid software innovation with field reps.
  • UX Engineer on the Cream City Labs Innovation Team.
  • Created a React-based voice-to-text translation app.
  • Initiated a passwordless authentication system.
  • Managed a large-scale interactive wall display.

Full-Stack Developer

02016-02018 @ Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori School

  • Managed various digital fundraising and marketing campaigns.
  • Developed multi-regional field trip management software.
  • Ensured HIPAA compliance in development practices.
  • Created a customizable medical form framework.
  • Redesigned the website and updated branding.
  • Developed an event ticketing system.

Designer & Developer

02015-02019 @ RP Nutrients, Inc.

  • Created Laboratory Information Database Management software.
  • Designed and developed dairy farm automation software.
  • Led frontend development with React and GraphQL.
  • Full-stack development in Python and JavaScript.
  • Lead a highly successful marketing campaign.

President, Board Member

02014-Present @ East Troy Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Designed & Developed and related community projects.
  • Replaced ChamberMaster with a custom, Django-based solution.
  • Created the Village of East Troy logo and police badge.

Personal IT Assistant

02007-02013 for Kevin Kelly

  • Crafted SQL queries to help gather content for Cool Tools.
  • Developed various web forms with Django and MySQL.
  • Managed web infrastructure for Kevin Kelly’s websites.
  • Curated artwork for the Silver Cord project.

Full-stack Developer, Consultant

02008-02010 @ Golden Gate Restaurant Association

  • Built online membership system with payment integration.
  • Co-designed SFChefs events and related ad campaigns.
  • Managed IT infrastructure and developed

Full-stack Developer

02007-02010 @ Shoulder High Productions, LLC.

  • Built custom web forms for video production rentals.
  • Developed branding and managed web services.

System Administrator

02004-02005 @ Applied Minds, Inc.

  • Assisted in building Metaweb Technologies and Freebase (aquired by Google)
  • Managed Zope databases and server administration tasks.

Full-stack Designer / Developer

02003-02015 @ The Long Now Foundation

  • Progressed from UNIX admin to full-stack designer/developer.
  • Pivotal in launching the Long Now Membership program with payment integration.
  • Led design and dev of,,, and
  • Managed A/V for Long-term Thinking Seminars, including online distribution.
  • Created logos for major initiatives like The Interval and Rosetta Project.
  • Enhanced and managed the Python-Payflowpro open-source package.
  • Contributed to the Rosetta Project's inclusion in ESA's comet mission.
  • Managed the Python-Payflowpro package, enhancing its capabilities.
  • Developed TEDxDeExtinction's theme, aligning with TEDx standards.
  • Transitioned servers to Amazon AWS, pioneering cloud adoption.
  • Maintained the Rosetta Project's language archive with Stanford.
  • Rewrote in Python/Django; originally in Java.
  • Crafted event designs including posters and apprearal.
  • Integrated key REST APIs like Stripe and PayPal.

Programmer, System Administrator

02000-02003 @ Vector Industries, Inc.

  • Developed inventory/sales management interface.
  • Designed company website and product brochures.
  • Administered office computers and server rack.

Volunteer Work

Founder & Leader, East Troy Computer Club

  • Grew club to 400+ members; fostered local school/govt. relations.
  • Led transparency projects, workshops, mentorship in web/UI design.
  • Enhanced digital literacy and tech skills with educators/technologists.

Technical & Creative Lead, Charity Events

  • Managed major fundraising events with A/V, marketing, and design.
  • Built custom web solutions for ticketing and event management.
  • Handled event planning and execution end-to-end.

Imagineer, East Troy Lights Project

  • Key contributor in development and creative strategy.
  • Designed user-centric, interactive web-based controls.
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