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Created Jun 3, 2014
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Signal & Noise lists on Twitter
# This script encapsulates my process for keeping up with Twitter:
# 1. Create a private list called Signal, add everyone you currently follow to
# it, and begin curating it.
# 2. Follow everyone you meet or find interesting.
# 3. Create a private list called Noise, containing everyone you follow that are
# not in Signal.
# 4. Use Signal as your timeline in tweetbot. Switch to Noise when you are bored
# or are looking for inspiration.
set -e
echo "Getting lists…"
LISTS=$(t lists)
echo "Getting all followings…"
FOLLOWINGS=$(t followings | sort -u)
if ! echo $LISTS | grep -qi Noise; then
echo "Creating Noise list…"
t list create -p Noise
if ! echo $LISTS | grep -qi Signal; then
echo "Creating Signal list…"
t list create -p Signal
echo "Adding all followings to Signal…"
echo $FOLLOWINGS | xargs t list add Signal
echo "Done. Now use Signal as your timeline and continue to curate the list."
echo "Use Noise when you're bored or looking for inspiration."
# Everyone is signal to start, so no need to do the rest
exit 0
echo "Getting Signal members…"
SIGNAL=$(t list members Signal | sort -u)
echo "Getting Noise members…"
NOISE=$(t list members Noise | sort -u)
echo "Following everyone from Signal…"
comm -13 <(echo $FOLLOWINGS) <(echo $SIGNAL) | xargs t follow
echo "Removing Signal members from Noise…"
comm -12 <(echo $SIGNAL) <(echo $NOISE) | xargs t list remove Noise
echo "Removing unfollowed people from Noise"
comm -13 <(echo $FOLLOWINGS) <(echo $NOISE) | xargs t list remove Noise
echo "Adding everyone else to Noise…"
comm -23 <(echo $FOLLOWINGS) <(echo $SIGNAL) | xargs t list add Noise
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