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Last active February 12, 2017 02:48
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@kytrinyx's Gmail filters

Stick each line into the search bar, and then click the little gray down-arrow on the right hand side right before the button so you can create a filter from the search.


My labels are indicated with => labelname, but that's not part of the search. My labels are nested, which is handy when you want to collapse them out of the way.

The gmail shortcut for going to a label is "g l" (go to label, presumably), and you don't need to type the whole label name, just something unique. So "g" "l" "men" goes to GitHub/mentions

If I'm in a label and reading an email, "y" will remove the label.

  • GitHub/author: from:( to:(

  • GitHub/mention: from:( to:(

  • GitHub/team-mention: from:( to:(

  • GitHub/watching: from:( to:(

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