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Created Aug 20, 2020
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EyeWire Colorful Leaderboard Script Feedback
21:10 <amy> allo allo!
21:10 <bl4ckscor3> o7
21:10 <amy> hey cool new script @bl4ckscor3!
21:10 <annkri> hei
21:11 <bl4ckscor3> still working on the leaderboard one @amy ^^ thanks!
21:11 <annkri> new script?
21:12 <bl4ckscor3> i started working on showing rank colors on the leaderboard today @annkri
21:12 <bl4ckscor3> still a prototype
21:13 <amy> fun!
21:13 <annkri> cool are you using the chosen chat colour or somethng else?
21:14 <bl4ckscor3> currently, the colors are hardcoded, but i want to show the chat colors, yes
21:15 <annkri> what do you mean by hardcoded, don´t tell me you need to choose the colour manually for each promoted player?
21:16 <bl4ckscor3> it's not that bad! currently i get the highest rank of the player and then assign the color based on that rank
21:17 <bl4ckscor3> and for the sake of the screenshot, i colored me and lara in mentor/mod colors manually
21:17 <bl4ckscor3> but if you were to run the script, we would show as red/aqua
21:18 <bl4ckscor3> as i said, still very much work in progress
21:19 <annkri> ah, i think showing hightest rank is actually better than using chat colours, since that tell more than what each player choose
21:19 <amy> it definitely enriches the information shown on the leaderboard
21:21 <annkri> i know it was talk about leaderboard colours some time ago and then it was a sugestion to have a small icon showing of mentor and mod status
21:22 <bl4ckscor3> hm that is a good idea
21:22 <bl4ckscor3> show color of the highest rank, then show icons based on mod/mentor status
21:22 <annkri> yes
21:22 <amy> In the past we've definitely had difficulty coming up with icons that were immediately and clearly evident for Eyewire ranks
21:23 <amy> Also for the Eyewire Scyrthe actions - that's actually why the Scythe Toolbar still has letters in stead of icons
21:24 <amy> I think celia actually mocked something up a long time ago for the scythebar but it was never implemented
21:24 <bl4ckscor3> hmm
21:25 <bl4ckscor3> yeah, the apple icon from the achievement for mentor is maybe not that clear what it means ^^
21:27 <annkri> perhaps a book as mentor and a speech bubble for mod? since our current rank badge ix not very intuitive
21:27 <devonjones> it's a bit US-centric, the apple, maybe :) we have a tradition here around students giving apples to teachers
21:28 <bl4ckscor3> annkri: good idea
21:28 <bl4ckscor3> devon: today i learned :P
21:28 <devonjones> haha, now you know, yes!
21:29 <bl4ckscor3> i think i can use these emojis as a mockup for now 📖 🗨
21:29 <bl4ckscor3> downside: they're tiny
21:30 <amy> I personally think colors alone would be sufficient
21:30 <annkri> i can understand the apple with newton and the falling apple
21:30 <amy> But i guess it doesn't hurt to try
21:31 <bl4ckscor3> i currently have no way of knowing what chat color a user has - i can only get the roles and then assign predefined colors based on that
21:31 <bl4ckscor3> so Nseraf would be red instead of gray for instance
21:32 <annkri> @amy difficault to show both primary rank and mentor/mod rank with colour
21:32 <amy> yeah that's a good point
21:32 <bl4ckscor3> or should he be purple or pink because he's a mod and mentor? that's the question i would need to answer if i don't have the chat color
21:32 <amy> How many icons could a user theoretically have?
21:32 <amy> Mentor, Mod, Scout, Scythe, Mystic
21:33 <bl4ckscor3> yea, that would be 2 icons for mentor and mod
21:33 <bl4ckscor3> and color for the highest of scout scythe mystic
21:33 <bl4ckscor3> if a mystic were to set his color to scout (cough) then the chat-based color in the leaderboard would need to adapt as well
21:33 <bl4ckscor3> that could confuse people
21:33 <annkri> and i guess you should also add in admin
21:33 <bl4ckscor3> yup, already done
21:35 <annkri> how do the speech bubble look in leaderboard? ix it visible it did look very dark in chat
21:36 <amy> You could also use colored dots like during competitions
21:37 <bl4ckscor3> good point
21:37 <bl4ckscor3> @annkri -
21:37 <annkri> :)
21:39 <amy> cool!
21:39 <bl4ckscor3> if i want to show the mod icon, i would have to increase the leaderboard width
21:39 <amy> We could make simple little icons like stars etc and potentially add different colors for rank
21:40 <AzureJay> I adore all this (been lurking) but what I really, really want is a custom color picker for seed, trace, and explore trace. The slider just does not quite have options I like. xD
21:41 <AzureJay> I definitely agree with icon use though - since colors are not always accessible
21:41 <annkri> !colour
21:41 <nkem_test> Yellow: Admin | Purple: Moderator | Turquoise: Scout/Scythe | Lavender: Mentor
21:41 <nkem_test> Type /team in chat to see colors (teams) that are available for you.
21:42 <bl4ckscor3> the next question arises: where to place the icons? semantically, they do not make sense infront of the rank number, but they also make the leaderboard look rough when placed
21:42 <bl4ckscor3> infront of the name
21:42 <amy> @AzureJay that would be fun
21:43 <AzureJay> 🔎 for scout, ✂ for scythe? xD
21:43 <bl4ckscor3> the scissor xD
21:43 <bl4ckscor3> the question is about moderator/mentor icons though
21:43 <annkri> so like a purple star for mod a lavender star for mentor and a dual purple/lavender for both
21:43 <AzureJay> Scissor, Scythe, same difference
21:43 <bl4ckscor3> as those roles have a different color, but aren't gameplay roles like scout scythe mystic
21:44 <bl4ckscor3> annkri: those colors could look too similar for some folks
21:44 <bl4ckscor3> it's fine in chat i think, but when it comes to tiny icons...
21:44 <annkri> to show of who to ask if needing a mod or mentor
21:45 <AzureJay> Best to use design versus color, so... lesse...
21:45 <AzureJay> ⭐ mod ☀ mentor 🌟both
21:45 <AzureJay> Not *quite* the best choices because the two stars look the same
21:45 <annkri> yeah i agree, but weird to use other colours if it should be colour coded
21:46 <annkri> how would it be if you add the icon after the flag?
21:48 <AzureJay> More space to put multiple icons, but some people's names get truncated because they're too long for it
21:48 <AzureJay> so any flags, etc wouldn't show.
21:48 <bl4ckscor3> or less of the name which is less ideal
21:48 <AzureJay> Oh oh wait maybe
21:48 <bl4ckscor3> but it would make more sense to do so
21:49 <bl4ckscor3> buuut i could always increase the width of the leaderboard
21:49 <AzureJay> ❕ mod ❔ mentor ⁉ modmentor
21:49 <bl4ckscor3> hehe
21:49 <AzureJay> Or maybe make an optional expandable leaderboard?
21:50 <AzureJay> Like a left arrow that extends the panel out further so you can see more details
21:50 <bl4ckscor3> i think that would be too complicated for simple (user-facing wise) features
21:51 <annkri> that is a easy way to do it !? ?!
21:51 <AzureJay> You could also possibly just condense the spacing in the table itself to fit in the icons since there's a good margin for each column
21:52 <AzureJay> It makes sense to me - mods you report problems to (!), mentors you ask questions (?), modmentors are "what even are you people?!" (joking on the last one)
21:53 <bl4ckscor3> good that i am not a mod&mentor
21:53 <bl4ckscor3> 😜
21:54 <AzureJay> UI design is hard though no joke, I applaud you for working on making improvements!
21:54 <bl4ckscor3> thanks!
21:55 <bl4ckscor3> i try my best
22:02 <annkri> 💻 for both
22:15 <bl4ckscor3> all right, i toyed around a bit and this is how it can look with two icons. as you can see, i widened the leaderboard a bit.
22:15 <bl4ckscor3> and that's without colors because i manually edited the html instead of doing it through script
22:15 <bl4ckscor3> so just view it with colors ;)
22:18 <AzureJay> That looks nice
22:18 <AzureJay> (I was lost looking at the CSS to see if I could figure out the color picker. I can't. xD)
22:25 <annkri> i think the first look was better with icon before name, it got a bit invisible behind the flag
22:26 <bl4ckscor3> see, the thing is, it doesn't make sense as the number and the icon have 0 to do together. having the icons behind the name makes the user think that the icons belong to the user
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